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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The best milk tea ever!–Cake Milk Tea of Lemon Baby

I mentioned yesterday in my blog post of Lemon Baby pop up store sightings that I’m not a fan of milk tea beverages, but then I like to retract the word and want you to know that I’m a fan already of milk tea hahahaa. After I tried the Cake milk tea with pearls at Lemon Baby, I can say is that its good and heavenly yummy! I heard that was their best seller.

That’s a shameless teaser of my blog post for today, because me and my family went to visit the pop up store of Lemon Baby milk tea in SM City Bacoor. I was informed that we should try the Cake milk tea,I don’t have any idea on what’s the taste of it, but then I heard from my blogger friends who have tried Lemon Baby, mentioned that the Cake milk tea is one of the best!

I reserved my taste buds and curiosity for awhile, because I’m going to check out first their pop up store aka kiosk.

Here’s the pop up store of Lemon Baby in SM City Bacoor.
It’s a store that you can order the drink over the counter and you have the option to take it with you or finish your drink here at the dining area.

Here’s their 1000 cc size!! or shall we call it Large size of Lemon Baby drinks, for a price at around PHP155-PHP185, you can now enjoy a giant size cup of yummy milk tea. I was about to order this but I want to try first if their Cake milk tea is the good.

Cake Milk Tea with Pearls (PHP100) small size
I personally ordered the Cake Milk Tea, You can see here that there’s some kind of slice of cake inside my drink, when I sip it.. a sweet buttery flavor with chewy bits of cake can be tasted and felt. It’s a one of a kind of milk tea innovation by Lemon Baby.

Thumbs up for the affordable rate of PHP100.

Its good and I highly recommend this.

Oreo Smoothie (PHP 95)

My wife and son ordered this, because these two are a fan of home made smoothies. I didn’t like the Oreo, because I don’t like Oreos hahahaha. But my son here loves the drink and crunchy cookies inside the smoothie mix.

Lace and Ashton finished their smoothie in no time.

For me.. I savor the moment in sipping the milk tea, pearls and cake from this cup of Lemon Baby.
This beverage was the content of my tongue, I went back to Lemon Baby the next day to order this Cake Milk tea.

To date with this blog post..I want to go today to get my Cake Milk Tea again!

Love it!!! new taste of the month!!!

Visit Lemon Baby at

1. Aseana Power Station, Macapagal Avenue (Bradco Avenue), Paranaque City (Foursquare)
2. Inside 2nd floor of SM City Bacoor

Facebook page -
Website -

photo gallery:
P5214757 P5214759
Lace and Ashton in Lemon Baby

P5214760 P5214761
Pop up store inside SM City Bacoor

P5214762 P5214763
A video of people lining up in Lemon Baby store in Taiwan

P5214764 P5214765
here’s the menu for your price guide

P5214766 P5214769
Lace and Ashton now ordering their hand crafted beverage

P5214770 P5214771
LCD Screen menu at the counter… I wonder why they have that….

P5214772 P5214773
the small and large size of Lemon Baby cup.
I dare you to try that 1000 cc cup.

P5214774 P5214777
Lemon Baby staff now prepares my drink

P5214780 P5214784
Their sealing machine

P5214785 P5214787
there goes our drinks!! thank you miss.

P5214789 P5214790
Cake Milk Tea and Oreo smoothies

P5214794 P5214801
P5214797 P5214799
masarap!! approved namin ito

P5214802 P5214804
More customers….for Lemon Baby

Thanks to their Lemon Baby staff for assisting us and informing us what kind of Lemon Baby drink is the best!

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