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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ashton’s Hot Wheels, Matchbox and etc toy car collection 2011-2014–photo gallery

After Tomica, we also collected the Hot Wheels and other lines of Diecast cars, anything that is made to look like a car is a magnet to my son’s eyes hahahaha.

We also started buying Hot Wheels from 2011-2014, we also added some Matchbox, Maisto, LEGO and other diecast and plastic toy car brands. Then Ashton started to love the CAT construction vehicles and then he shifted to Bruders (arghh thanks to those Youtube videos that influenced my son to patronize those expensive vehicles )

Then he started also trying to collect those pull back action cars like the Go Gear, Nano Speed and Spin a GO, and then he also got a small collection of Tagamoto, those cars that moves and turns via a infra red sensors and some codes. He also got a Micro Chargers set.

We also started to collect RC cars, but its hard to maintain the batteries and also one of my favorite RC sports car got rolled by a real sports car here in our area. It’s a funny coincidence, but I stopped RC for the mean time.

ok here are his toy cars collection from 2011-2014, we stopped for a while but his collection starts to occupy half of the living room hahaha.

P1019437 P1019438P1019439 P1019440P1019441 P1019442P1019444 P1019445P1019446 P1019447P1019448 P1019449P1019450 P1019451P1019452 P1019455P1019456 P1019457P1019458 P1019459P1019460 P1019461P1019462 P1019463P1019465 P1019466P1019467 P1019468P1019469 P1019470P1019471 P1019472P1019473 P1019474P1019475 P1019476P1019477 P1019478P1019479 P1019480P1019481 P1019482P1019483 P1019484P1019485 P1019486P1019487P1019488P1019489 P1019490P1019491 P1019492P1019493 P1019494P1019495 P1019497P1019498 P1019499P1019500 P1019501P1019502 P1019503P1019504 P1019505P1019506 P1019507P1019508 P1019509P1019510 P1019511P1019512 P1019513P1019514 P1019515P1019516 P1019517P1019518 P1019519P1019520 P1019521P1019522 P1019523P1019524 P1019525P1019526 P1019527P1019528 P1019535P1019536 P1019537P1019538 P1019539P1019541 P1019542P1019543 P1019544P1019545 P1019546P1019547 P1019548P1019549 P1019550P1019551 P1019552
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