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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ashton’s Tomica toy car collection 2011-2014–photo gallery

This is one of my project in the past – take photos of my toy collection and create my own catalog, the idea started when I saw that my Transformers and robot toy collection are growing in numbers, in having a photo album catalog, will remind me that I have those in my cabinet or box. But the idea was from the years that I was single and no kid yet.

Yesterday, I made that idea to reality by taking photos of my son, Ashton’s Tomica toy car collection. It was a holiday and we just rest at home and watch cartoons on tv, After watching Totoro movie with my son, we ate our merienda cooked by Mommy Lace and then I stood up, grabbed my Olympus EPL-1 and mounted a 17mm Sigma prime lens and start shooting the Tomica cars one by one.

After the shoot, I moved on taking pics of his other toy car collection – Hot Wheels, Maisto, Matchbox and etc. I will post them soon in a separate blog post.

Ashton’s Tomica toy car collection started during his 1 1/2 years old, that’s around late year 2011, and we noticed that his Tomica collection is growing in big numbers too hahaha. Tomica here in the Philippines are being sold at PHP169 from 2011-2014, but in the mid start of 2014 the Tomica cars are now sold at PHP 179. I’m sure that they will increase PHP10 more on 2015. So if you want to start a Tomica collection, better start now when the price is in its affordable range.

The Tomica fire truck photo above is his first Tomica toy car.

The latest is this Tomica Burger Truck.
its so cute and its one of the best seller here in Toy Kingdom and Toys R US

P1019435 P1019436
We also bought a playset for Ashton, he plays with it during this age of 2-3 years old. We got the Parking Lot, the City Parking Lot, Mountain Drive and a Train station with Plarial set up.

Below are his Tomica collection form 2011-2014

P1019380 P1019383P1019386 P1019387P1019389 P1019390P1019391 P1019392P1019393 P1019394P1019395P1019396P1019397 P1019398P1019400 P1019401P1019402 P1019403P1019404 P1019405P1019406 P1019407P1019408 P1019409P1019410 P1019411P1019412 P1019413P1019414 P1019415P1019416 P1019417P1019418 P1019420P1019421 P1019422P1019423 P1019424P1019425 P1019426P1019427 P1019429P1019431 P1019432P1019433 P1019434P1019443 P1019377P1019378 P1019379
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