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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy movie review (my rating 4/5) non spoiler post

I’m super hyped for this movie and I’m glad that I got a decent sleep and woke up early in the morning to catch the first screening at 10:30am. The Guardians of the Galaxy movie now playing in all Philippine cinemas and it’s a one day advance before the global release of the film. The movie took place in the far reaches of space in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and yes it is a tie-in movie that will lead soon to a massive cross over of Marvel superheroes in the future to battle the mad titan Thanos, and that might be in Avengers 3 or might get its own title – “The Infinity Gauntlet”

We know what happened after the Avengers movie and Thor 2: The Dark World, it’s a start for the upcoming culmination of superheroes and super villains that will battle each other to possess the powerful weapon in the galaxy.

And since Marvel already showed to us the different realm in Thor and Avengers, now they take us to the world where superheroes are still born and a counter part for the Avengers. The Guardians of the Galaxy team is considered as the Space Avengers in comics, Iron Man mentioned that when he first encountered the team and his suit was upgraded by Rocket Racoon in order for him to survive in space.

Okay, the Space Avengers is born, they are what’s next???

Because of my excitement, I took a photo of my movie ticket and posted this in my Facebook, I mentioned that this is my contribution to shape the Marvel cinematic universe. I did my part and now its your turn hehehe.

My first liner review via Facebook post – “Its the best marvel movie ever!! All are revealed here! Marvel cinematic universe has infinite possibilities! Watch out for the after credits!!!”

Yes, it is the best ever! I have tears of joy for three times when I watched this movie earlier and it looks like that Marvel movie team did a perfect adaptation of the Guardians of the Galaxy to movies, the story is written well, the introduction of characters are glued in one setting and the cameo of the most important characters are being shown here, you might jump in your seat when you see them in the big screen.

I like to rate it at 5/5, but I gave it only 4/5 rating. The movie is assembled in its perfect shape but they lack explanation and elements that needs some logic. I expect that there will be a good YouTube video about “How the Guardians of the Galaxy movie should end” Because from the very start, it is revealed that they missed something that needs logic explanation. Its not a continuity error, but the character of Ronan is very much affected with this error.

Marvel gifted us fanboys a bonus gift. Yeah you’ll see what I’m talking about in the first part of the movie hahaha.

The actors did well in giving life to the Guardians of the Galaxy characters. Chris Pratt did awesome as Star-Lord, adding some funny antics, its funny that I mistake him in the past as the guy named "Stifler” hahaha. Zoe Saldana as Gamora is the greatest distraction of all, she’s too sexy for this movie and I was looking for the assassin type character, but we still see that she’s still a sexy lady. Dave Batista as Draxx the Destroyer, ohh boy one of the best character that I encountered during the Annihilation saga in comics, I like the muscle guy character but I just wished that he is given more action scenes like battling a horde of Ronan’s minions, just like what he do in comics.

Bradley Cooper did the voice for Rocket Raccoon is awesome too! when you watch the movie, you can no longer identify him as the actor but an entire new character hiding under the voice of the actor. For Vin Diesel as the voice of Groot, it’s the cutest ever ahahhaha. That’s all I can say, he should get a Guiness Book of Record for having three words to say in the entire movie. Karen Gillan as Nebula, she’s my favorite character here for the movie, she’s more deadly than Gamora and I’m surprised that her voice has been computerized, I just miss her British accent, but it’s a good character and an important one for the Marvel Universe. Lee Pace as Ronan the accuser, one of the deadly bad ass villain in comics, did well and I super love the treatment that they did in giving a live action version of him, I just wish that they featured on how he uses his power to destroy an alien race. In every movie, we should see more villainous scenes.

I also noticed that there are some scenes missing, we saw the movie trailer already and I expect that we see some of it on the big screen, but some scenes are cut, edited out and not included in the main movie, maybe they will show everything soon in its DVD format.

With a PG or Parental Guidance rating, its near kid friendly movie already, there are words like “shit” and one bad finger sign, is hmmm quite ok. There are no nudity and all are action scene with slice and dice and punching action. CGI explosion, monster planet and spaceship battles. Its an action packed movie and I'm sure kids will love it, especially when they see a raccoon with big guns and a talking tree.

It’s an action-drama-comedy-sci fi genre

I’ve featured the character posters below, and that will give you clue that you should watch out for them in this movie. All movie character posters are incomplete, the most IMPORTANT character is not present here and even not present in the official promotional materials, but I don’t want to spoil you for that and find it yourself when you watch the movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy is now showing in all Philippine cinemas. This movie is produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Philippines.












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