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Friday, August 01, 2014

Vikings Luxury Buffet in SM MOA adds South East Asian cuisine in all weekends of August 2014

Vikings Luxury Buffet in SM Mall of Asia is featuring different kinds of Malaysian, Indian and Indonesia cuisine in all weekends of August 2014. If you are craving for some spicy and peanuty flavor, then I suggest you try their South East Asian cuisine as an addition to their set of food at the buffet area of Vikings Luxury Buffet. Me and my family are a fan of this buffest restaurant, we dine here when a member of a family celebrates their birthday, because the birthday celebrator eats for free and receives a special small cake from Vikings. The resto buffet become a trend setter for food and resto business, because many had followed to have their own resto buffet concept. Among them, Vikings Luxury Buffet stand out and considered as the best eat here in Manila.

When I heard that the will launch a new menu, I thought that they will expand their menu for good, but then when I attended a food tasting and introduction of their menu, I learned that the South East Asian cuisine will be featured every weekends for the month of August 2014. I’m happy that they started this concept in featuring different cuisines every month, according to their management, they started featuring new set of cuisine last June, featuring the all American buffet. That’s good, because some of the old fans of Vikings will go back to try something new.

For a price of PHP 1,142, you will enjoy already the entire buffet and the featured cuisine.
here’s a tip: Book your reservation early if you want to eat in a weekend, call their hotline and let them know how many are your companions and what preferred time you will dine in – that’s lunch and dinner only. If your companion celebrates their birthday, I suggest you tell them to bring any valid ID that displays their birth date, its needed for verification so that your companion eat for free and receives a cake and birthday song from the staff of Vikings.

P1019594P1019596 P1019597
In every buffet in resto or hotel, they have their own specialty, here in Vikings Luxury Buffet I always eat their – Filipino food, Chinese food and the set of Japanese sushi, they are the best!! Also I love their unlimited frozen yohgurt and imported beers!

Yes!! they now serve Bavaria beer every weekend, I tried this before and the beer is very light but there’s a fast kick of tipsyness after a few gulp hahaha. So drink moderately.

Anyway, if you are curious about the South East Asian cuisine of Vikings, I’m posting here a ala carte style serving that was served to us during the food tasting session with fellow food bloggers. Take note that this is not the same serving when you dine in a regular weekend, but the photo will show you a presentation and look of their food.

I learned from the chef team that they prepared the food in mid level only, because these are really spicy in its authentic form, I’m glad that they controlled it just not to shock the diner for eating a hot and spicy meal, just like the Laksa soup and the rendang.

For customers, you can request to prepare super hot and spicy if you prefer it that way, or just add more chili if you want to adjust more.

Laksa shrimps, vermicelli and bean sprout soup
- The soup is good, but I’m more into the hot and spicy level, but after a few sip, I just hit its spicy level and it was under the entire soup.

Indian appetizers
- ha! I super love the Roti! its sooo authentic

A Trio of Indian Samosa, Mango and Coriander Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette and Tandoori chicken terrine with a Jicama
- the samosa is one of the best….

Lamb shank rendang with Hainanese chicken rice and potato Bhajis and served with cucumber, pepper, and pomelo relish
- its like the holy grail of their featured cuisine. The rendang flavor is good too, I’m exposed to this flavor after I went to Malaysia, we cook this food at home and I can say that their version is very close to the original rendang. But not too spicy yet, bec. they adjusted to mid level.

Kampot Squid
- I’m a squid fan and I’m surprise that this “relyeno” looking squid will be my favorite ever from their line up. The chef told me they blended the head and tentacles of the squid and they insert it inside the body and grilled it. The aroma of the squid salt and soft chewy meat is glorious.

Indonesian Mee Goreng
- I’ve tried this in the street, I expected to be salty but its not. Its mid level only.

Asian sweets


Ice Kachang

P1019644 P1019645P1019649 P1019662
Food seflie time!!

Kitchen crew of Vikings Luxury Buffet

P1019667 P1019672
with their French executive chef

Tara let’s eat like a Vikings!!!

For Reservation pls call: 846-3888, 846-4888, 846-5888 and 0917-565-3888.

Vikings Luxury Buffet
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