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Monday, August 04, 2014

I can now make my own toys with 3D printing service by demand from 3D 2 Go store in Robinsons Galleria

Someone sent a tip about this store to me few months ago and we also discussed this with my urban art toy creators and we haven’t visited or inquired about the service of 3D 2 Go, but I was fortunate few days ago that I stumbled the store when I visited Robinsons Galeria for the Red Hot Sale event. The store is located at the basement level of Robinsons Galeria, just below the Mercury Drug and front of the entrance of the admin office of the mall.

I took some photos when I saw the store and later on inquired about their service. I’m planning to 3D print a custom figure for our trophy and their service will be very helpful for us to mass produce the custom figure we need.

Here’s the 3D 2 GO store in Robinsons Galeria,. a 3D print by demand store.

The service for 3D printing ranges form PHP200 up to PHP1,000. It depends on the size and shape of the 3D printed object.

I forgot to ask how long is the process of 3D printing, maybe I’ll ask it later via email.
You can send in your design – in digital photo, or an actual object. They will scan the actual object in 360 degrees and they will render this into a complete 3D. For digital photo – of an object or a face of a person, they needed the entire front, back, side view and top view photo. They can stitch those photos into 3D and later on print it and repaint it with the desired colors you want.

I inquired a small octupus figure with a size of a tomato, they say that the printing cost will be around Php 800. For a 9-10 inches action figure size, the price is at around PHP1,000. I inquired that I want to have an accessory for my Transformers toy, they told me that they can scan a part of the accessory and print it to match the size, the price is around Php 200. And color is already included.

Wow!! I’m so excited to try this, but If ever I want to create my own toy, I have to submit first an easy to mold design, so that I can 3D print a master copy and later on mold it and then mass produce it.

After tshirt printing… I can see that the future of customizing and DIY is now going to 3D printing.
Take note that 3D printers are so expensive, priced at around Php100k, depends on the size and speed of printing.

here are some sample 3D print objects that they produced.

Dinosaur skull and Iron Man helmet ( I think it fits to Hot Toys figure)

Mecha Design

War Machine inaction figure or statue

3D print your face and make your own wedding souvenir or cake topper.

I think they 3D printed a copy of a face from those Tekken fighters hahha.

They can print almost anything!!

Anyone here tried their service before?
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