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Monday, August 04, 2014

Red Hot Sale madness in Toys R Us in all Robinsons Malls–I took some pics of some toys on sale

I accompanied my wife to cover that Red Hot Sale event of Robinsons Galleria, it’s a month long sale from Aug 1-31, 2014, all Robinsons Malls around the country are having this grand sale event every August, all stores inside the malls, including Toys R Us are joining the month long sale. Our first store visit is at Toys R Us, we already planned on visiting this first because we want to buy Ashton a new toy as an award for having a perfect quiz score and lots of “very good” stamp from last week.

Also one of my agenda is to spot the sale and priced mark up items, there are instances that there are some toys with with a jackpot price and the rare ones appear only in this sale event. So its like a treasure toy hunting time once again!

Above is the photo of the front façade of Toys R Us, they are featuring the new figures of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - based from the new live action movie and also from the Nickelodeon cartoon. I also spotted the classic figures of TMNT that sparked an interest to grab all of them, but I can’t buy them in one hit because my wife is with me and she will just get mad at me the entire day hahaha.

Btw, the Red Hot Sale of Robinsons Malls is from Aug 1-31, 2014
Selected items are discounted up to 70% off.

Check the details via their Facebook page -
Read also their timelines and updates for some shopping GC giveaways.

here some photos I took from the red hot sale event in TRU

TMNT movie figures priced at PHP2k for the 4-set

Up close photo of Leonardo – a bigger figure of TMNT movie

TMNT classics!!! omg…I want to melt right away.
PHP 500 per piece is a bit expensive..but for toy collectors, ok lang yan!

Fisher Price ride on with almost half discount na!

Parents, if you want to buy good toys for your kids, I suggest take the advantage of the red hot sale here in Toys R Us. Most of my son’s toys and ride on came from here in TRU Galeria.

The Avigo aluminum scooter is priced at PHP1500, I’m so tempted to buy this because its big and the handle is a bit tall, I’m not sure if this is good for my city cruising, I’m still stuck to the idea to ride a penny skateboard in traveling around the city.

what do you think is the best??? scooter or skateboard ?
I have inline skates, but they are so hard to wear and remove.

Bikes!!! check out the yellow discount tag!

the PHP 100 toy section.

Iron Man helmet and the classic Avengers figures are on sale!!

True Heroes, one of the exclusive toys here in TRU
not on sale… I hope they release more designs, and yes..I’m tempted to buy this too in the future.
but I want a much lower price

Fast Lane another TRU exclusive
that’ truck casing for small diecast cars are cool!!! I just hope that I bought this instead of that helicopter with casing, this is a much cheaper than the one I bought.

Fast Lane super construction set is priced at PHP1,300

TRU store staff told me that their science toys are on sale too.

This DIY robot toy is on sale now.

TRU staff also presented to me the new arrival for the LEGO toy line. Ultra Agents is the new LEGO adventure toy line.

Out of the line..but for a Star Wars LEGO collector, this is a must have for them for sure.

this set is a bomb!!! whoaaa.

Transformers toy line. .hmmm some old lines are on sale.

TRU is also an exclusive distributor of this giant size Darth Vader. I really want one, but the version they have is the non electronic version.

Grimlock master piece edition.. hay.

Another one that I want…hay.

TRU also carries the Star Wars Rebels merchandise toys, here’s a Darth Vader light saber with lights and sound similar to the Master Replica light saber.

good job Hasbro!

Price: PHP3000

TRU showed to me this new toy called Shopkins
it’s a collectible mini toys just like the Trash Pack toys.

Wind up camera toy… this is so cute!

Lace having a blessing from Iron Man ahahaha

Our shopping adventure didn’t end there…
It’s a one month red hot sale, expect us to back in any Robinsons Malls branch

massage with the machines after the red hot sale marathon.
I’m really glad that they have this in the mall.
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