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Saturday, August 09, 2014

I finally tasted City Buffet Restaurant in Robinsons Galleria

It’s funny that we were discussing about City Buffet few days ago when we are dining in another buffet restaurant, my companions are reviewing the taste of City Buffet, I can’t comment that time because I haven’t tasted it myself and all our references came from food blogs who posted their not so good experience when it comes to the taste provided by City Buffet. I guess the food blog post were 2 years old already and I’m sure City Buffet already adjusted to serve the right taste of their food and also not act like they are having a soft opening forever.

Okay. I tried it and it was okay. For the price of PHP439, It’s already a win-win scenario for the restaurant and to me. I went out of the restaurant with my tummy full, I’m so happy with my avocado ice cream and loved their Chinese cuisine, which I guess it’s the best food they serve here in City Buffet.

My wife participated on this bloggers event, and they dined in here in City Buffet, but since I’m not really part of the event, I dine in and we paid for my buffet entrance. I told my wife if the price is around Php1,000+ like in Vikings, I can just eat in another restaurant, I was planning to eat in Seoul Garden, which is my fave Korean resto here in Robinsons Galleria. But when I heard that the price for the buffet for lunch is at Php439 only, I gave it a go and I was so excited to try their buffet.

Looks like that everyone are finished eating..ok my time to raid the buffet

with the tag line – Luxury Buffet For Everyone..
I like that!

Their makis are okay, I noticed that they don’t serve sashimi or real tempura.
They only have tempura kani style.

There’s the kani tempura


But its okay, I’m happy with a California Maki, Tamago and some Kani


I saw some pinoy dishes, but I skipped tasting it..

The mantao bread and their sweet and sour pork is good!!

Their chicken feet is good too!!! not the spicy kind, but I wish that I adjusted to the chili level.
I also tasted their pancit or noodles, it’s not good.. the taste is dead but I realized that its up to us to adjust if wanted more spice and salty in our noodles.

I like their curry rice..


here’s my plate one

and my plate two

I took a photo of Abet’s plate hahaah

Well…City Buffet did not disappoint me after all. I’m going back here next time when I’m in the mall. I mentioned too that this is better than Cabalen. Because I like the Japanese and the Chinese buffet + the addicting avocado ice cream.

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