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Friday, August 08, 2014

Rurouni Kenshin press con coverage, photos, interview #KenshinManila in Glorietta Mall

The director and actors of Rurouni Kenshin movie are surprised for the warm reception that we gave to them for two days and this gave a lot of hype for the Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno movie that will open on Aug 20 in all Philippine cinemas and also in all Ayala cinemas. Director Keishi Otomo said that he will bring this awesome experience to Japan and will share it to other Rurouni Kenshin cast members that we appreciate their hard work in creating the film.

The star of the movie – Takeru Sato mentioned on day 1 that he wants to go back here next month for the part 3 movie promotion, Munetaka Aoki turns out to be a crowd favorite because of his energetic response to the audience and fans /its funny to see him wearing a flip flop, but wait.. I forgot to mention that the whole Glorietta activity center was in full house with lots of fans of Rurouni Kenshin, most of them came from outside the city, some are from Davao City.

Kenshin rules! Thanks and congratulations to Warner Bros. Philippines for making this happen, it’s a historical moment that Japanese actors are really here with us. I predict that many of them will visit us to share not only about their talent but also share the Japanese culture. I’m so interested on that part, because me as an anime and manga fan, as well as a fan of Japanese movies and sci fi series, I’m so exposed to their Japanese culture and also pop culture side and I’m so happy that they are here. Even that Fuji TV news reporter Rio Hirai is also considered a celebrity to us.

Takeru and Munetaka arrived at the venue with their director and accompanied by their translator on stage, they were welcomed by 55,000 fans and event host Sam Oh here in Glorietta.

Hello! Takeru-san and Munetaka-san!! you caught me snapping some photos hahha.

The two are talking about us.. hahahah

Munetaka: ASHHHHTIG, I’m a “Astig” person ( astig, a Filipino slang word means “cool”)

Here’s the transcription of the press con and interview, credits to the present press and media who ask the question to them.
Takeru: Kumusta kayo, Ako po si Takeru Sato. Salamat po.
Munetaka: Maganda gabi po. Sanosuke is coming!! Thank you very much!
Otomo: I'm so happy to be here, thank you!

Q: -- I didn't got the question, but it ask Takeru what will he transform Kenshin into like Den-O
Takeru: The difference is that Kenshin will transform or not.

Q: to the director: How involved the manga creator Nobuhiro Watsuki in making the film Rurouni Kenshin?
Otomo: We did a lot of meetings with the original writer and with lots of collaboration before making the movie.

Q: Which living person of today is like Kenshin, and why ?
Takeru: I never met like that one yet
Munetaka: I know..I know..the person is him! (points to Takeru)

Q: Did you sustain any injuries in making the stunts in the film ?
Munetaka: (in English) I loss a tooth by beating, but I don't mind, I'm Sanosuke! (shows front tooth)
Takeru: I got injured a lot of times, I can't specify any incident
Munetaka: But its okay, my tooth is now fixed.

Q: What is your career plan after this movie series ?
Takeru: Having given this major role in my life, its really difficult for me to think what I can do next, but if I wish again, I wish to work again with Director Otomo and create great movies with him again.
Munetaka: But what about me ??
Takeru: hahahaha of course!!! (in English)

Q: If Hollywood decides to make their American version of Rurouni Kenshin, will you allow it ?
Takeru: Everybody's answer and reaction is probably my answer too. (he sees the crowd throws a thumbs down)
Munetaka: Is it a yes or no, or is it a Cross scar ???
Otomo: I would say, go ahead, try it, I dare you!

Q: What's the fun thing in doing the fight scene in the movie?
Munetaka: I got many fight scenes in part 2 and part 3, but I like when I was hit and hit many times and I get so bloodied, I'm so excited to fight (in English)
Takeru: My favorite battle scenes is at the part 3 of the movie - Legend Ends, its the last fight scene that I have and I gave everything to the toughest scenes on the set, the final fight scene with Shishio, you have to watch out for it.

Q: How do you personally connect the story Rurouni Kenshin to your life?
Otomo: Before I did the movie, I did movies with these two in the past, in Ryomaden, Takeru is also a hitokiri or a killer, after being independent, I left the production that I work with and the first project I got is this movie, then I get Takeru again for this movie as a hitokiri again, I felt this connection already with the movie and to him.
Takeru: In my case and in my daily life in what I do, I always ask myself if I'm not sure of my decision making, If I ask myself if it was Kenshin, what will he decide to do, if its Kenshin what what will he do, he is like a mentor to me or someone that I respected and look up to, and I refer to him my decisions in life.
Munetaka: Sanosuke is a street fighter, he has strong passion and very protective and reliable person, I love him very much. A Filipino person told me that he is a "ASTIG" person, I'm very happy, astig!!! thank you very much!

Q: What values will the Filipino viewers learn from the movie, since we are not exposed to life of a samurai?
Takeru: You cannot really forget or diminish the past or delete the past, this might be, I will dwell in some philosophy, there are people saying that you can just forget the past and move on and think it never happen, but in my case I can feel how Kenshin is , how his life influenced by his decisions, I feel that he still remembers and look back his past and try to live a better life based on that past, and for me and hopefully for everyone will also learn on our past and move forward.
Munetaka: Yes. I agree with him.
Otomo: In my case, I admire Kenshin so much, the Sakabato sword that he carries all the time, that's a constant reminder of his past, that reminds him of his dark past and use that sword to remind him always and move foward to his life, I find that very admirable of him.
Munetaka: Likewise, the character of Takeru as Kenshin and me as Sanosuke, is to protect, to support his character and be a protector to Kenshin.

Q: Who is the real love of Kenshin, is it Tomoe or Kaoru ?
Takeru: (laughs) I cannot answer.

Q: How was your stay and visit here in the Philippines?
Takeru: It's really fun here in the Philippines, it is really beyond my imagination that you are here, and the reception you shown to us are very surprising and shocking.
Munetaka: (shouts) Mahal ko kayo! I'm very excited to stand here, I got a big power...maybe for the next film, yeah.. I'm sorry, but I'm very happy. I'm a ASTIG person! Thank you very much and enjoy the film, thank you and Marami Salamat po!

Q: - I didn't got the question here.
Takeru: We create action movie that is beyond country's culture, action movies have one language and everyone can appreciate it, and other than that, as Japanese, in creating a Japanese film, we are enable to show the delicate intricacy of Japanese culture and tradition, the way we do things, we say things in that era, we really put that way in mind that we wanted everyone to appreciate and understand that is Japanese as a culture and as we created this action movie for everyone
Munetaka: One of the reason is that every character is attractive, from part 2 and 3, the new character is made, and the story is more exciting and intriguing, pls watch the movie and enjoy it... Aoshi..Soujiro..Anji...Yumi...and Misao too... hahahah
Otomo: In my case this character is portrayed by actors I really really love to have them as the character, so I feel that the actors really put their souls in the movie, its a reflection of their dedication and their soul in the movie is translated into the movie for everyone to feel and appreacite and I feel it is appreciated too by other countries.

Thanks for reading!!! and here are some side photo and story from the event

Sam Oh hosted the event at the Glorietta activity center

Sam interviews a Takeru Sato fan from Davao City.

This girl from Pangasinan made that Takeru fan art while waiting for the event to open in the morning.

VT Galang of Hubbyte Store was interviewed about this Rurouni Kenshin toys collection. He shared to us an exclusive figure that they bought in 7-11 Japan, a Kenshin figure worth PHP4,000+ that was sold back in year 2000.

The venue

Me at the back…I transferred at the middle because it’s the best seat

Pinoy All Stars performed on stage

At first I thought they are some kind of Japanese cultural dancers.

Sword demo…yes those are real katanas

They performed their sword play routine, they are students of a dojo here in Manila.

RK movie cosplayers are here also.. hoy hoy Soujiero Seta!

Anji and Aoshi

Yumi and Misao

Shishio and Kenshin
close up look: Shishio

Kenshin, cosplayed by the lovely Ms. Jin Joson

The arrival of the RK movie cast

I felt goosebumps when I heard Takeru speaks in Tagalog hahaha..ang galeng! Maryjun Takahashi tweeted that she taught Takeru some local words, Maryjun is half Filipina and is included in part 2 and 3 of the movie as Yumi.

My view…

I’m not Superman!

Kenshin….este Takeru..claps when Munetaka and Otomo were introduced.
so classy…

Its funny to see the two actors clowns around the stage. so cute and funny

Takeur: “that blogger always take a photo of me..” lol I just made that up

Go go go!! Benj, one of the lucky press to ask a question during the press con

My other view..oh dear..

Thumbs up to Munetaka Aoki for trying so hard to speak English..
awesome guy.

Lucky fans who won in a contest got a lucky moment to meet the stars.

One final photo op

One last more….

My last photo of Takeru Sato before he exits the stage.
Thanks guys..hope you come back here in the Philippines next month!
Thanks for reading…and also
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The first sequel, “Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno” will open across the Philippines on Aug. 20, 2014, to be followed by “Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends” on Sept. 24, 2014. Both films are distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.
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