Chasing the sunset at Caliraya Lake Spillway- ‪#‎CavEAT‬: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour part 15 (END)


Our last part of the tour is to stop here at the area of Caliraya Lake Spillway just to catch the sunset. I didn’t expected that this site is a sunset viewing area. Lots of motorist, locals and tourist stop by here just to watch the sunset. I also saw some teenagers dating and others are drinking some beers and eating chips.

It’s a ligawan place hahahaha, but also a best place to kiss the clouds while the lake watches you from behind.

Athena even named our activity, “chasing the sunset” it was a hashtag name for our Instagram post


Here’s the Caliraya Lake Spillway. Back in my youngling days, I thought that this was a nuclear power plant, but it’s a spillway tower for the hydroelectric power plant of NAPOCOR.

It’s a private area and this is heavily guarded. But you can stay and hang around outside the fence.


Our 2 days stay and adventure in Cavinti ended here. But I will not end it here. Because I’ll be back there this Feb. 2015. pramis!




I don’t know how much percent of electricity is distributed from this hydro plant, but it’s a good thing that we have this for many years. Take advantage the resources we have and use it for the benefit of millions of people.


Thanks guys for reading my Cavinti Eco Adventure Tour blog series. I hope I can go back there this Feb and write more stories and photos of my trip

The #CavEAT: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour is a Tourism Advocacy Campaign to help generate online buzz for the upcoming Cavinti Water Sports Olympics: 1st International Competition happening on February 8-14, 2015.

2015 Cavinti Water Sports Olympics: 1st International Competition
watch the video:

The #CavEAT: Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour is organized by Herald C. Bebis for the Municipality of Cavinti headed by Hon. Mayor Milbert Oliveros. The event is fully supported by the Cavinti Municipal Tourism Office, DigitalFilipino, Pelikula Padayon, Caliraya Lake Mountain Resort, Camarin Resort and Lago Fishing Village.

1. Ride Sta. Cruz, Laguna bound DLTB Bus in Buendia Terminal, located below Gil Puyat LRT
2. Bus fare to Sta. Cruz, Laguna is PHP 140 (air con bus)
3. Drop off at DLTB Sta. Cruz terminal
4. Ride a a tricycle or jeep going to Sta. Cruz Market
5. At the market, look for the jeepney that will take you to Cavinti, Laguna
6. If you will go straight to Caliraya Lake, ride the Lumban-Cavinti Jeep
7. If you will go straight to Cavinti town proper, then ride the Pagsanjan-Cavinti jeep (this jeep will take you to Bumbungan resort, and also the Cavinti Municipal Tourism Office)
8. If you will go back to Manila, just go back to Sta. Cruz bus terminals, DLTB bus last trip to Manila is around 7:45pm
9. Other option: You can also ride a Lucban jeep in Sta. Cruz, you can drop off at Cavinti junction and just ride a tricycle going to Bumbungan Eco Park or to town proper