#FoodcrawlQC Biglaan part 1: Figaro Coffee’s classic meals and all day breakfast


Figaro Coffee is our venue meet up for the Food Crawl QC Biglaan, our first meet up was in another café but then we received a suggestion from Figaro’s marketing team that we can have our meet up in their Figaro branch in Tomas Morato QC. I know the person who suggested it and there’s no problem in our end to transfer the meet up.

Our plan is to meet up there and plan our food crawl qc biglaan, but we didn’t expected that they will let us try their classic rice meals and the breakfast meals of Figaro. It’s a complimentary and taste and try session from Figaro. We took the offer and here’s a blog feature about our 1st food crawl QC stop.


I remember that I visited this branch of Figaro in Tomas Morato back in my early college years, here I tasted my first coffee from a café even before the rise of its biggest competitor “SB”. Figaro is very special to me because I also met the founder and learned my 1st coffee appreciation in another Figaro branch.


During my early years of coffee drinking here in Figaro, I thought that this is an international brand, then after attending that coffee appreciation session years ago, I learned that this coffee store is a local brand and they are using local coffee produce.

Most coffee produce are from Batangas and Cavite.

For me, local coffee is the best.
kasi ang lakas ng flying kick nya after drinking it.


If you are not a coffee drinker, then you can also try their non caffeine drinks, like this cold iced tea.

Here are the rice meals featured and offered by Figaro Coffee Company


Salisbury steak burger
PHP 229

I’m a salisbury burger fan, for me this is a thumbs up. My companions mentioned that it was a bit salty, I told them that it’s the gravy made it salty.

My suggestion for Figaro, they can serve this platter with a separate gravy sauce, so that we can add it on our own, also for gravy fans, you can order more gravy for your burger steak.


Beef Broccoli Stir Fry
PHP 229

This dish is okay too. Its soft and tasty.

Gourmet Tuyo in Olive Oil
PHP 219

For me, the best seller is the all day breakfast meal. I have tried their breakfast meal set last December in a Figaro branch located in Ace Hotel. I ate there for 3 straight mornings and I’m very satisfied with the size of the serving and also taste of their breakfast platter.

The Gourmet Tuyo in Olive Oil is not too salty, the olive oil gave a few taste to this smokey dried fish. I expected that they will serve a really dried fish, but I’m glad that they have this tuyo in olive oil. It taste like those bottle Spanish sardines,but its more tastier than the sardines version.


Here’s the entire menu for their all day breakfast meal in Figaro.


John, Edel and Chad.
Chad is not a food or lifestyle blogger, he lives near the area that’s why he is here. He owns the gaming blog called Reimaru Files.


And here are our respondent after the Facebook post
thanks FPJ , Rodel and Athena for joining with us and make this impromptu foodie event happen.


Seats inside Figaro


The branch of Figaro in Tomas Morato QC
I think this branch is formerly located in a 2nd floor of a building, but I can’t remember where.


Next food crawl visit… .we rode the jeep to Kamuning st. because our main agenda is located there


The jeep ride is managed by John Bueno and Chad Ting Ramos
both are authentic Kamuning Kids.


Edel, Athena and Az….

#FOODCRAWLQC BIGLAAN Our impromptu food crawl in Quezon City started when I finished a press con coverage in Tomas Morato,QC. Since I'm already there in QC, I posted a status message on my Facebook and asked where to go and where to eat while I'm in QC. My blogger friend Edel told me that we can check out some resto along the street of Tomas Morato. Then I got the idea to post a status message on my Facebook and invite everyone to join our impromptu food crawl.
The response is amazing!
6 blogger friends replied to my message and went to Figaro Coffee as our meeting place. Then the marketing person in charge of nearby restos and also Figaro learned that we are in QC, they sent an invitation right away via Instagram and Facebook and mentioning that they can accommodate us and support our #FOODCRAWLQC activity.

The food crawl activity was a success, we laughed about it after because its an unplanned but organized food event that we organized in just ONE HOUR.

thanks to the food crawler bloggers
Edel San
John Michael Torres Bueno
Athena Martinez Tria
Rodel Flordeliz
Florencio Jusay Jr.
Chad Ting Ramos

and thanks too Annesy Del Mundo of Figaro, Wilson Lee Flores of Kamuning Bakery, and Xande Angeles of Runner’s Kitchen for inviting us in their establishments

Branches: http://www.figarocoffee.com/locations.php
Website: http://www.figarocoffee.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/figarocoffeecompany
Instagram: www.instagram.com/figarocoffee
Twitter: www.twitter.com/figarocoffeeHQ