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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dine with the sky at Aozora Japanese Café and Bistro in Tagaytay City


Last July 1, we finally made it to Aozora Japanese Café and Bistro located in Tagaytay City, if you remember I already mentioned this in my blog last May 2015 and I accidentally discovered this resto when our car passed by and when we visit it the next day, the restaurant is not yet open. story here at

But the long wait is over, I celebrated my dinner birthday here in Aozora with my wife, we booked an overnight stay at Domicillo and planned to eat lunch and dinner at Aozora. I’m glad that they posted their menu at their Facebook page, there I learned that the price of their food is just right and not too expensive, for an authentic Japanese restaurant a price range from PHP 200-PHP 300 is okay. I’m excited to go back here and try their Japanese coffee brand called “key” or Sumiyaki coffee.

Btw, Aozora means “blue sky”


Aozora Japanese Café and Bistro is located above the Domicillo bed and breakfast establishment, its near the Petron gas station in Mahogany ave corner Nasugbu-Tagaytay road, but located at the other side.

The sign of the restaurant and Domicillo is small, so my only landmark here that they are located near The Lake Hotel Tagaytay, the restaurant is just right after two big houses along the road.


Aozora Japanese Café and Bistro.
I caught this café with my eye because its rare to have a Japanese café in the middle of Tagaytay City. I like the concept, because I love to enjoy my morning, afternoon or night time with a sip of a Japanese coffee or slurp a hot Japanese ramen and look up the sky to see the clouds, blue sky and also the glowing stars at night.


The amazing freebie of Aozora Japanese Café and Bistro is the awesome viewing deck located near the café. People can stay here to dine in or just want to view the active Taal volcano. I heard that Tagaytay City is changing so rapidly, with the rise of condo, malls and establishments, there are no other way to view this in a less crowded condition.

But you can expect a non crowded condition only here at Aozora Japanese Café and Bistro and Domicillo. Enjoy it while there’s no one around haha.


Me and my wife Lace Llanora-Coladilla, during lunch time.
This viewing deck and dining area of Aozora Japanese Café and Bistro is a perfect venue for family dining, dates, parties or wedding. Its quiet and it feels that you own the entire viewing deck hahah.


During our visit last July 1. I noticed a sign at the door of Aozora Japanese Café and Bistro and it says that they are in their soft opening stage.

It means that everything is adjusting and when you encountered some unsatisfying taste, I suggest that you deliver your concerns right away so that they can adjust according to the right preference of your taste buds.

Their food is prepared, cooked and managed by a Japanese chef – Seiji Kamura. The chef visits the resto to check and also manage everything, but normally the kitchen is done by experienced cooks who worked before in some popular Japanese restaurants.

Everything at Aozora Japanese Café and Bistro is treated with authentic Japanese style.


The table set


The dining area


I liked the see through glass window, You can see the natural light and also the environment outside,.


DSC_0122 DSC_0123
DSC_0124 DSC_0125

Just click the image to enlarge it. Their menu is not yet final and they are still making a better menu with photos.. Just don’t mind the menu with writings of a ballpen.


Side dish
I didn’t tried it but it looks like a shaved cucumber salad. But my wife ate all of it hahahah
Veggie fan!


Spicy Salmon Maki
PHP 295

My wife ordered this for her lunch, its very heavy and I ate two pieces only. The maki is good and I just cant believe we are eating a nice maki here in Tagaytay City.

Finally! a good maki in Tagaytay.
I also learned that Aozora Japanese Café and Bistro don’t offer sashimi, but they only have maki sushi on the menu.


PHP 260

They don’t have a Gyudon on the menu, but I already requested that they should add it because it’s a fave to others. Since there’s no guydon, I managed to order this Oyako don instead. Okay din and I like the big serving on a bowl.


For dinner time, at around 7pm. The entire Tagaytay City was covered by cold breeze and fog. It’s a bit windy too so we decided to stay inside the café. It was full moon and also the conjunction of two might planets can be seen glowing big in the sky – Venus and Jupiter, it was so romantic that night hahaha.


Aozora Salad
PHP 320

the salad is good too. I guess the Kewpie did most points for the taste, without it, the salad is dead
But I like the mixed of greens and bits of hmm is that bacon???


Aozora iced tea


Aozora ramen aka Bulalo ramen
PH 295

A must try if you are here in Aozora Japanese Café and Bistro, since Tagaytay City is popular to have the best bulalo soup, the Japanese café managed to create their own take in combining the popular Japanese ramen and the Filipino bulalo.

Its good and I like the concept that they brought here in Tagaytay, I m sure other restaurant can have their own bulalo style, but here in Aozora Japanese Café and Bistro it’s a Bulalo ramen!


Just like the regular bulalo, this requires continues heating just to prevent it to cool down under the cold weather of Tagaytay.

A close up look of the Aozora Ramen


My Aozora ramen on my little bowl


Grilled Pork Belly
PHP 295

I super stuffed my tummy that night and I thought that I ‘ll pass eating this grilled pork belly, but after one bite the flavor and taste just exploded inside my mouth. Now my taste buds wanted some more so I finished eating this even I’m not done with my bulalo ramen.

Its soft and there’s a crunchy effect after one bite, it’s a mix of salty and sweet flavor because of its sauce.


Dragon Maki
PHP 350

A big long prawn that presented like a mini dragon on a maki.


It can scare the kids because of the snake or dragon like feature, but for me there’s a chunk of prawn meat inside the maki that is ready to be eaten by me ahhaha.


Its cute and I like it.



I don’t have cake for my birthday, but this Dragon Maki will get me more luck for this year.
Thanks Aozora Japanese Café and Bistro.


Aozora Japanese Café and Bistro
Branch: Domicillo Tagaytay, Km. 58 Gen. E Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City, Cavite 2418, 2418 Tagaytay City

For reservation: 09063501704 / 0464134486 / 09155038800

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