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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Organique Acai Premium Blend–the super food you need to your health

Organique Acai Premium blend

Organique Acai was introduced to me during a product presentation few days ago, I heard of this from tv, radio and read it in a newspaper, I just didn’t mind it because I’m not interested to know more about that product, all I heard is that the product contains antioxidants and it’s a good food supplement. For us people who are busy and never mind about our health, we just seem not to care about the products around us, because we are not sick and maybe 70% of our body are healthy.

But for people who got sick already and survive longer in their burden, they do have lots of knowledge of these products that have big benefit to our body. Because they are the people who got the time to understand, research and attend seminars on what kind of food is best to them, others they approached nutritionist and doctors to know more how they can live long and be healthy again, but then with the help of product innovators with support of medical experts and testimony of product users, there’s a way to understand more about these products, just like the Organique Acai Berry been doing, they are very active in promoting a product and the acai berry super food that is not usually under our radar.

I’ve encountered Acai berry before, but not in this kind of bottled product, I remember that a smoothie store in a mall offered me a different and new smoothie product, it’s a banana smoothie with acai berry, the barista convinced me that the acai berry is a good antioxidants, so I give it a shot and I like the combo flavors, thanks to the banana that help to over power the bitterness of that acai berry flavor. But all is well, and it doesn’t hurt when I tried it for the first time.

Flash forward to present day and here I was invited to learn more about the acai berry and the product Organique Acai Premium Blend.

Organique Acai Premium blend

Acai berry grows in an Acai palm tree, this kind of tree can be found only in Brazil and some regions of Southern America. I asked if the Philippines can grow this kind of tree and a rep. from Organique Acai said that it can only be found around the forest of Amazon.

The acai (read as ah-sa-yee and not a-ka-i ) fruit is 10% skin and 90% seed, it looks so weird to see a kind of berry fruit that looks like a grape or “duhat” to have lesser fruit meat. According to studies, that this berry fruit got lots of nutrients, because a darker the fruit, a better source of antioxidants and with lots of nutrients to combat aging.

Scientists have already classified the acai berry as one of the world’s number one
super foods. It is really in the berry itself, the contents of it that allow for wellness and
- urologist and surgeon Dr. Joseph Lee,

Organique Acai Premium blend

The acai berry is harvested by locals and it’s a good source of their livelihood, the demand for acai berry was high because of its health benefit and lots of products are being produced as food. for internal and external applications.

They also mentioned that acai berry is a super food, and it’s a gift from our God, because it can keep people healthy and the sick people get a chance to recover by taking an acai berry juice.

Organique Acai Premium blend

Here in Manila, we can have the Organique Acai Premium Blend for an SRP of PHP2,500 in leading drug stores. Why so expensive??? The process is not so easy, the acai berry is harvested from the South America and blended in the northern part of the US. The production to a bottle form is chemical free, and with certification by the USDA – the highest certification body for organic food. And also, Organique Acai Premium blend got the highest concentration of acai in the market.

”Antioxidants from Organique Acai help repair damaged cells so your body is
replenished and functions better overall. You have more energy, aging is slowed, your
immune system is strengthened,”
says Catherine Salimbangon, Vice-President for Marketing of
Organique Inc.

Organique Acai Premium blend

The recommended dose of Organique Acai Premium Blend is 30-60ml per day
depending on the health conditions of the person.

“If you’re down with something, you can double dose or triple dose it because you
need more nutrients when you’re sick. It is best taken with an empty stomach, pure, with
water, with ice or added to your smoothie,” -
Catherine Salimbangon, Vice-President for Marketing of Organique Inc.

I took a gulp shot of Organique Acai Berry and the taste is like a raisin or prune. I also learned that they used sugar cane in adding sweet kicks to combat the bitter flavor of the acai berry.

A dose shot of this can keep you in good condition.

The bottle once opened, can last for 30 days. Because its good for a one month daily dose only.

Dr. Lee said that Organique Acai is good for people who are always have stress.

Organique Acai Premium blend

Launched in 2009, Organique Acai Premium Blend has gone through extensive research and is
made of natural, wild harvested Acai berries from Brazil. With a manufacturing facility in California
which is known for its stringent regulation on food safety, customers are rest assured of the highest
quality in the processes up to the final product.

Organique Inc. also prides itself in being certified by the United States Department of Agriculture as “USDA Organic”. This means that Organique Acai has been produced through approved standards and methods according to specific requirements set by the US agency

Organique Acai Premium Blend is also distributed in the United States, Hong Kong,
Japan and the Middle East. Each 946-ml bottle sells with a suggested retail price of Php 2,500
at Mercury Drug, Pure Pharmacy, Robinson’s Supermarket, South Star Drug, Watsons

Organique Acai Premium blend

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