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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Kata F2 smartphone - affordable, small but superior (a review)

Kata F2 smartphone

Kata Philippines brought here the twin brother of Kata F1s, I mentioned it before that the Kata F2 looks the same with the Kata F1s, but the difference is that the screen and battery power of the Kata F2 got new upgrades and it performed more better than the Kata F1s.
What’s new?
Sometimes people thought that this smartphone is a toy because of its vivid color of the back case, but when they learned that it’s a 1.3 Ghz Quad Core smartphone with qHD screen and with a SRP of PHP 3,999, they start to be amazed that there’s a smartphone brand that can produce it with a cheap price.

The battery power
I think Kata learned a big lesson here after the release of Kata F1s – the battery power is not enough to power up the entire system and needs of a quad core processor powered device. For those who carry the Kata F1s, a power bank is a must carry, but for Kata F2 smartphone, there’s no need, because it can last long til the next day even if you are heavily using it for SMS, take pics and video, and occasional use of 3G data. But if you are a heavy user of 3G, I suggest you bring your power bank, but if you are WIFI dependent, then there’s no worry, Kata F2 can still survive til the end of your day.

you can read my unboxing and first impression here at

Kata F2 smartphone

Here’s the specs of the Kata F2 smartphone

Processor: 1.3 Ghz Quad Core MTK 6582M
Display: 4.5 inch qHD display (540*960)
OS: Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat
Storage: 8 GB
Camera: Rear – 8Mp, Front – 5MP
Dual Sim
Battery: 1850mah
Color case: Grey, White, Blue
Connectivity : wifi, bluetooth
Freebie: Free 10GB Storage in Kata cloud
SRP: PHP 3,999

Kata F2 is distributed by Kata Philippines

Kata F2 smartphone

The size
My wife Lace is now using my Kata F2, I gave it to her after using it for months, and she said that the thing that made her like this Kata F2 is that small and thin size, its light weight and also the camera takes better photo. I told her to use the Kata i4 but she didn’t like it because of its metallic body and its heavier than the Kata F2.

The camera
I talked to some people who have the Kata F2 smartphone and they all share the same review – the camera takes better photo and video than other Kata devices.

I did some photo shoot test and I’ve learned that the sensor and aperture setting of the Kata F2 camera is better than other Kata devices. I think Kata is testing a new camera tech that they can bring it to future Kata smartphone models.

Kata F2 smartphone

Here are sample photos from the Kata F2, not bad for a 8 MP rear camera.

Rear camera

more photo samples here --

Kata F2 smartphone

Kata F2 and Kata Tmini 2

Kata F2 smartphone

With Kata F2 during my restaurant hopping

Kata F2 smartphone

Malling around with the Kata F2

Kata F2 smartphone

Kata F2 was destined to out perform the Kata F1s and other Kata devices, its weird to say that because the Kata F2 got a better camera specs than the rest even if it got 8 Megapixel for the rear camera, the front camera with 5MP performs good in low light conditions and it got a fast photo processing after taking a pic.

Kata F2 is small and thin but with superior performance that can satisfy your mobile and digital needs. To many its just an affordable smartphone with better camera, better battery and better screen, but when you use it, you’ll see the big difference versus other local and foreign smartphone brands on the range of PHP 3k-4k SRP

The thing that I didn’t like is that its too small for my big hands, typing on the keypad always result in a bad spelling or wrong press of a button. I guess the Kata F2 is designed to people with smaller hands or people who types slower. ( If you have big fingers, then type slowly lang)

If I will rate a 5 star rating. Kata F2 will receive a 4/5 rating for its superior performance on a smaller size and scale for a smartphone.

Just like the Kata B1s smartphone, I’m shocked that the screen and processor performance is good too. I guess I should post a different review of it next time.

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