8th million blog hits for Azrael's Merryland this November 2015

Here's a good news and its  a good news to start my day in the world of blogging. My blog -- Azrael's Merryland blog, just reached its 8th million blog hits. Yes... 8 million hits!!!
I just noticed the 7 million and 900+ blog hits last Saturday and I'm excited and expected that the 8th million mark will occur at the end of that day or maybe on Sunday morning.

Yesterday, I logged on to my laptop and I saw that it reached 8 million already. Yay!

It took 8 months for my blog to get another million hits and my target last year is to get a million hits in 6 months. But Im so slow now in blogging and I can't blog everyday...maybe because I age and getting slowly old. hahaha.

Thanks to all my blog readers for the support.... Im doing my best to produce awesome content for everyone.

Let's target 9 million in 6 months!! ok lets do it