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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Segway Robot–could be the real droid you are looking for #CES2016

Segway Robot

Segway, the makers of those two wheeler self balancing ride on transport, introduces a new Segway version that can turn into your personal robot companion. With this new tech added on a Segway, this can turn those hoverboards and self balancing two wheelers obsolete.

Segway teamed up with Intel and Ninebot for this project in building a Segway Robot that recognizes its master, do live video stream communication, answers your door, and be your artificial companion.

By looking at the Segway Robot, it reminds me of a Transformers robot, if the future can’t bring us yet a car that can transform a robot, then we can have Segway Robot for the moment, it’s a Segway and then it can turn into a robot with working arms and hands.

Segway Robot

What does it do?
- the Segway Robot see the world around as you drive it
- it can follow you and navigate on its own
- the robot's eye can view 3D, thanks to Intel RealSense RGB-D camera
for depth sensing
- Robot can balance itself while it moves
- it can connect to any smart mobile devices
- its on Android platform (developers can program an app with it)
- can follow voice commands
- powered by an Intel Atom processor
- there are three kinds of camera - the depth sensing camera, the fish eye tracking camera and the photo camera
- powered by a 800W double motors
- can roll up to max of 30Km on single trip and roll on 18km/h comfort speed
- the extendable arm can let you customize some add ons
- and of course…you can ride on it

This new version of this Segway is much smaller and compact, vs. the early Segway.

Segway Robot

Close up look of the Segway Robot’s face

Segway Robot

At first I thought that the arms will automatically move…but it still requires for the rider to attach it.

Segway Robot

The promo video shows that this Segway Robot can dance with you.

Segway Robot

The Segway Robot can be your travel companion too….

Here’s a teaser video on how it works


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