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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Petron Lakbay Alalay 2016 on its 30th year to empower motorist towards safety


Its great to have a worry-free during our travels in every long holiday, we always see the Petron Lakbay Alalay advocacy almost in all Petron gas stations providing road assistance, vehicle care, passenger and driver pampering, road safety reminders, security and many more.
I just learned that the Petron Lakbay Alalay is now on its 30th year, yes…their advocacy is already 30 years and it still goes strong, the service is getting better and the partners are growing to serve not only motorist, but also to all travelers.

Petron Lakbay Alalay started in 1986 that was kick started by Petron with their staff, employees and volunteers, to provide FREE road assistance for motorist during the road trip travel anywhere in the country. For this year, our Philippine National Police already partnered with Petron to add safety and security for everyone.


Today, Petron is now the chosen pit stop of many motorist because they know already what Petron can offer and not just more than a gas station with rest room and convenience store.

Petron Lakbay Alalay is now on green light once more this Holy Week, so make sure you drop by to Petron Lakbay Alalay center when you need road assistance or just want to take a rest and consider it as your pit stop.

Petron stationed 300 Lakbay Alalay center in all over the country. Im sure you won't miss it while you roam around the land to your holiday destination.

Here’s some of the tip that I can share for your road safety
1. Check your car’s condition before making a trip, that includes checking the engine oil, brake fluids, water in the radiator, battery, tire air pressure and also the reserve tire.

2. Make sure you carry your car’s tools, just incase you need it

3. Plan your trip well, remind everyone that you have plans to make a pit stop in a Petron gas station for restroom break, car check and gas up.

4. Use Google Maps to map your route and you can search “PETRON” in Google Maps to pin point how far the next Petron station to your current location.

5. Sit back, relax and drive safely.. Obey and observe traffic and road rules whenever you are on a road.

6. Buckle up and always seat belts are strapped.

7. Bring the important items you need to bring, loading too much items on your car can affect fuel consumption and also speed. The lighter the items on the car, the better to have fuel efficiency

8. Don’t look too much on your Google Maps or Waze, always put your eyes on the road, let a co passenger be your navigator so that they can do the duty in using Waze for you.

9. If you felt sleepy, I suggest you take a break, pull over at a safe parking area or visit Petron gas station to stretch, rest and have a 10 min power nap, this will save you more energy. If a co passenger is a licensed driver, then ask them to drive it for you while you take a nap while traveling.

10. Don’t play a louder music while on travel, this will weaken your senses and reflexes while driving, just in case an emergency occurs, you can act quickly and sense what’s going on.


Visit Petron Lakbay Alalay on Facebook to know more some car and road tips that can help you be aware what’s wrong and what’s right.

Visit :


Here are some samples of road tips posted on their Facebook


more of these at


Some motorist are not so sure what are these for, thanks to Petron for sharing these on their Facebook.






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