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Friday, July 29, 2016

Casa Italia Café in Burgos Park BGC–taste and try


I’ve heard of this Café before when I invited Raffy Pekson for a meet up at around 11pm in BGC during the time I was spending an overnight stay in Ascott BGC. He said that we should meet here at Casa Italia Café and try some of their gelato. But that night, I don’t have a mood for a cold gelato, so I invited him to meet in a nearby fast food chain because Im so lazy to walk and I don’t know the location of Casa Italia Café.

But when I went here at this café after 2 months of our meet up, I just realized that the café is located at the back of the fast food chain hahaha.

So when we arrived back in BGC that afternoon after a long trip from Manila Science High School, we planned to stop over for some coffee at Starbucks, then Pekson bought us here in Burgos Park BGC, we were already ifront of Starbucks when I spotted the Casa Italia Café.

After some realization, I tricked our group by suggesting that we should try that café and try something new instead, so I used the name of our group mate, her name is Steph, a reporter for DWDD, one of Ian Bacungan’s junior media for the radio, After I asked for her name, then I told the group.. “hey! Steph suggested that we should eat snacks at Casa Italia Café” everyone laughed and Im so glad they agreed.

So here we are..

welcome to Casa Italia Café.


Casa Italia Café is located at the restaurant belt of Burgos Park BGC.


The café is so nice, well lighted and everything is Instagrammish


Me and my team at PBNET are so hyper when we saw their café and display buckets of gelato.



I thought that these sweet sprinkles are just a display, people go here to décor their gelato with these colorful candies and chocos.


Its hard to select which is the good gelato for you.
Casa Italia Café offers a taste test on each gelato you want to try and taste.


If you selected a certain flavor, then you can order one cup right away.



Heads up, they have a gelato made from a Black Label
so careful and read the label before you order.


Here’s the pricing and menu of Casa Italia Café.

If you plan to indulge a nice gelato and some meals, just prepare at around PHP400+ for a nice meal and a cold dessert.


They also have a coffee shop inside.

I decided to have a cold beverage and instead of a gelato. So I ordered one drink here, and then later I found out that my beverage is made from a gelato hahaha.


check out the line up of bites


Price is good ha!
As low as PHP45, you can now get a nice bite food here at Casa Italia Café


So here’s the line up of their iced blended gelato
Take note that the drink “AFTER 8” is not the name of that kind of drink. It’s a name of another iced blended gelato.

The sign or poster is not so idiot proof, because I ordered an After 8 Avocado flavor, then I found out that it is a two kinds of drinks.

I told them to drop the After 8, because they made already one Avocado iced blended gelato. The After 8 which I believe is made from an Avocado too.


Here are the parade of gelatos.





This is Enzo’s gelato.
I didn’t get the name and flavor. because I didn’t listed their ordered gelato.

Here’s my Avocado iced blended gelato.
I super loved it!


Group hug pic!
thanks to Steph for suggesting we try this café ahahahh
and also many thanks to Gold for the gelato treat!


check them at their FB page
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