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Friday, July 29, 2016

Globe Telecom’s Digital Thumbprint Program goes full blast at Manila Science High School


I spent my day visiting the Digital Thumbprint Program by Globe Telecom in Manila Science High School. The Digital Thumbprint Program is an alternative learning class experience-type where they teach high school students how to be a responsible tech and digital users, in other words how to be a good netizen.

I admit that I learned the ways of the internet and digital tech stuff by self learning, We early adaptors went the hard way of learning the tech inch by inch, then next is that we adapt whenever a certain tech trend goes upgrade.

Today, our kids grew up with the use of tech and internet. We are so worried that they too faced the same problem – learning and getting over it the hard way. In this generation, lots of cyber bullying and crimes are being experienced and it targeted kids who aren’t aware of the dangers of exposing themselves to the internet by sharing too much information.

We're so thankful that Globe Telecom adapted the same program provided by Optus and Singtel, that was patterned after their Optus Digital Thumbprint Progran, which was successful after its launched in Australia and it tapped 81,000 high school students. Here in the Philippines,Globe Telecom will use the same program to educate our kids the importance of being a responsible netizen or be a responsible digital citizenship.

I learned about this during their Wonderful World of Globe launch last March 2016, and we saw that they did a pilot launch of Globe Digital Thumbprint Program in Dasmarinas high school. It was a first blast of the program to test on how the kids will interact and give feedback about what they’ve learn in using digital and tech properly.

They also launched a campaign and invited everyone to nominate a school who wishes to have the Globe Digital Thumbprint Program that will include three workshops:

Digital Insight - provides activities for students to help discern proper online behavior
Digital Impact - tackles issues on technology's impact on students' social activities
Digital Ambition - equips students with skills on how to use technology to help them achieve life goals
To apply for this program in your school, you may send an inquiry at
or visit

Below are my photo captions of our visit in Manila Science High School


My first time here, I remember that my wife wants to enroll son here, so my visit is also like a ocular for the future high school of our son Ash.


I graduated BS Math major in Com Sci in FEU. Its so weird to see a giggle in my body when I saw the sign of a Math department.


Teacher volunteer for the program started their workshop, I also learned that you can also apply as volunteer to teach kids in different school. I already showed interest and we will just have to wait if ever they want us to help spread the Digital Thumbprint Program’s lesson.


One of the lesson that was shared by our teacher volunteer.

”Your information is valuable”

I agree, because if information are the main content all over us, like in internet, applying on some online services requires our own information. All of it will be collected and be used to have security measures when using an online app or services – just like email, Facebook, Twitter and etc.


They also taught on how to make the strongest password for your email or Facebook account.
The stronger password combination is the first thing to do to avoid being hacked.

Kids tested their password here at
to check if it is strong or weak.

I did some test and tried a weak password and the result is:

”It would take a computer about
to crack your password”

A short overview about malwares and activities when online or offline.
You’ll see the difference when you are logged in and logged out.


Sharing how a site works and earn money. I think this program might trigger a young entrepreneur in class, maybe become the next Zuckerberg.


Some laughs during the workshop. Because some student shared their own tip on how to use the internet safely…which is on a funny way.


spotted Professor Pekson hahah


STEM – a new subject that I’ve encountered


To know more about the program:
visit these pages
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