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Friday, July 29, 2016

Flatiron 1771 Restaurant in Uptown Mall BGC - urban comfort food ‪#‎HotOffTheGriddle


Flatiron 1771 is the first restaurant that I dined in here in Uptown Mall BGC. I didn’t noticed Flatiron 1771 when I first visited Uptown Mall BGC. Maybe because of that popular Chinese restaurant that sit infront of Flatiron that’s why I didn’t noticed it.

I was here at Flatiron during an arranged dinner by our friend Kathy, and then I later on discovered that his brother Kirk, is the head Chef of this restaurant. Its my 2nd time to try Chef Kirk’s menu and I can say is that Im surprised that I finally tried something new…a new flavor and a new food that I can over indulge for my next visit.

Yeah, I love the food here in Flatiron.


Flatiron is also owned and operated by the peeps at Sentro 1771, I was expecting a much pinoy-mixed menu but then I was right for 30% of my speculation. Its more a modern cuisine that will surely loved by first time diners.


Inside Flatiron


I didn’t got the time to take a pic of their menu, but I will post it here as soon as I visit them again.


The plate


My birthday cake --- coffee cake
so Kathy surprised me this piece of birthday cake. I told her that I haven’t blew a birthday cake since July 1, because we forgot it at home, we ate the cake right away I arrived home and forgot for a birthday wish. Im glad that at Flatiron, they gave me a chance to wish for a world peace.

Thanks guys… this coffee cake is the best ever….so tasty…it melts in my mouth and I love coffee!

A bowtie pasta, napolitaine sauce, bell pepper, salami and bacon covered with cheese and gratinated

Im a red pasta fan….this Pizzaoila surrendered to me
I love the taste and its tomatoey cheesy flavor.


Golden Fish Fingers
Fresh fish fillet strips coated in batter and friend until crisp, added with French Fried

Its crispy and crunchy fish fillet. Im not a fan of the dip,but I ate it as it is.


Salbacho Pizza
Thin crust pizza with salami, bacon, and chorizo, plum tomatoes, basil and parmesan

The pizza is good!! Im not sure if they cooked this on a stone oven, but the features looks like it came from a stone oven.


Black Jack Mac
Flatiron's version of baked macaroni and cheese with sharp Black Jack Cheddar cheese, tyhme, chives and oregano


Tostado Wings Adobo

This adobo chicken wings brought me back to the past. For my first bite, it reminds me of a classic way of a pinoy fried chicken. I felt a 7 year old kid after tasting this.

A must try and I recommend you order this as your appetizer

(btw, I cant remember if this is included in their menu…)


Intense Brownie Burger
Espresso ice cream sandwiched by two Swiss fudge brownies topped by cream cheese sauce, cashew bits, toffee sauce and choco.

The star of dinner. This brownie burger is not really a burger. It followed the burger tradition but it uses a brownie chocolate and coffee ice cream inside instead of a burger beef patty.

Its good and I like this concept..I’ve seen this before in the internet (in foreign restos) but I didn’t expected that we will have the same concept here in Manila. Galing!!!

thumbs up to Chef Kirk for an awesome chef of our night!


Thanks for reading my blog about my dining experience at Flatiron. I will visit them soon and reblog another dining experience.

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