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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

James Reid is Century Tuna's body of the century!


Century Tuna is not yet done for their line up of brand endorsers, it looks like that Century Tuna captured the attention of social media users after they unveiled the metamorphosis-style tv commercial of Century Tuna, revealing James Reid as their added brand endorser.

Last summer during their campaign for SuperBODS, I noticed that there's this small magazine with a cover of James Reid, its a Century Tuna magazine that was given to us after the press launch of SuperBODS. I questioned my wife if she knew that James Reid is an endorser, I showed her the magazine and she just giggled after looking at the cover photo of James Reid. (I just learned that he is not yet part of the endorsement that time)

Im not sure if that was a teaser that James Reid is the next brand endorser for Century Tuna, I just cant remember too, if the other cover photo is Jessy Mendiola, wala ako copy eh, I just grabbed the James Reid cover version because my wife, Lace is a big fan of James Reid.

Ok flash back to the rainy season, almost 6 months after the summer campaign of Century Tuna,  the unveiling of James Reid created an online trend on the Facebook page of Century Tuna and it was a surprise to the big boss of Century Tuna because instead of capturing the majority of females because of James' endorsement, they also captured the male market who are also doing a healthy lifestyle and got a courage to show their abs on Facebook riding the popularity of James Reid's topless photo ad for Century Tuna.

Century Tuna gave a nice title for James Reid as part of his endorsement, they call James Reid as the Body of the  Century, tagged as a hashtag and also partnered with "No Body Like James" hashtag, which means no one got the same body like James.

Okay, James Reid got the sexy sculpted body, this will give more fitspiration to male and females to follow the healthy lifestyle campaign of Century Tuna together with James and the rest of the SuperBODS. At the media presscon, James Reid shared to us that his fit inspiration is Derek Ramsey, it gave him a motivation to follow Derek's way in having a healthy lifestyle, good body shape and also be proactive in fitness.

I asked James Reid personally what kind of work out routine he regularly do, if its more on cardio or more on muscles. James told me his work out is mainly for the muscle, he needs strength and the work out routine he do in  a regular basis helps his muscle to have more power. I think I heard the same thing when I got a chance to talked to Derek Ramsey about body work out and ohhh I forgot, my wife also do work out and she really work out on building muscles.

James Reid focuses on heavy lifting because his body is ectomorph, meaning he got a fast metabolism, he do weight training and lift training as his regular work out. He doesn't have a specific routine, he experiments and combine exercises because if you do the exercise over and over again, it will be just easy to do it and finish it.

So continue build your muscle and produce power, because if you tire yourself a lot of workout and you didn't even produce a strong muscle, you just got the shape and sexyness but you stayed weak and get tired easy. James said that having the abs is just a bonus, but you still need to build muscle and also practice healthy lifestyle.
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James Reid shared to us that his favorite is the Century Tuna flakes for his salad and also the corned tuna, its a regular recipe perfect for his diet.

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Watch the Century Tuna new TVC feat: James Reid

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