78th Oktoberfest 2016 scheduled on October 7-8, 2016 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

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Get ready for another annual of Bavarian Oktoberfest here in Manila! Its the original Oktoberfest that is being celebrated by Germans since 1810 after the marriage of a Bavarian prince and princess. In the Philippines we celebrate it too and its another time of the year in every first weekend of October that the German Club Manila in hosting another fun festive Oktoberfest in our country.

Here in Manila, we usually feel the Oktoberfest blues when Sofitel Manila and German Club Manila starts to promote the Oktoberfest festivity in the mid of September, and this is a wake up call for all German sausages and beer fans  because the entire floor of Sofitel's tent will be filled with lots of  beer, sausages, dancing, singing and lots of beer on the big day!

This year, the entire world will be joining to celebrate the 78th year of the Oktoberfest, and then here at Sofitel Manila, the schedule of the Oktoberfest celebration is on October 7 and 8, 2016.

77th Oktoberfest Setup (3)

I've missed the Oktoberfest 2015 last year at Sofitel Manila and I missed all the action, fun and noisy drunk hhahaha. But I promised that I will be there again and ohhh grabe me and wife are now planning to get a staycation in prep of this Oktoberfest.

Photo above is the usually set up in every Oktoberfest festival at Sofitel Manila

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77th Oktoberfest Guest (30)

The entire staff of Sofitel and also girls from the German Club Manila will be there wearing their traditional apron called "dirndl"

According to the Germans, when a female wears this apron, there's this knot located at the waist line, each location of the waist line around the wearer's body gave meaning to her civil status.

for example:

When a knot is tied on the woman's left side, it means that she is single

When a knot is tied on the right, she is married, taken or engaged

When a knot is tied in front, means she is a virgin

When a knot is tied at the back, means that she is widowed.

Oh wow! I didn't know this, maybe this Oct 8, 2016,  I will check and see which of them are under a specific knot.

77th Oktoberfest Guest (25)

I heard that the ticket price is around PHP3,000+ but to make sure that my info is valid, I suggest you contact the German Club Manila for tickets.

For more information on ticket sales and the featured raffle, please call the German Club Manila at +63 2 894 2899 or email at reservations@germanclub.ph. For special room offers, kindly call Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila at +63 2 551 5555 or email at H6308@sofitel.com

Here are some photos from the press launch that happened last September 6, 2016


Bread, pretzels and gingerbread


Oktoberfest Bavarian hat
You can buy this at the event for a price of PHP 990


Paulaner and Jagermeister drinks and merchandise
also available at Oktoberfest event


The traditional fountain of beer mugs


On our table a SMB dispenser
-- me and Enzo avoided to drink some, but Kath, our new German-Pinay friend convinced us to drink the last drop of this beer dispenser.


Meat carvings - chicken, beef and pork knuckles


Hallelujah.... I only meet a Saurkraut every Oktoberfest (only at Sofitel)
Sana Oktoberfest every month


Lots of German sausages
I became a fan after I mixed three kinds of dip, I wonder what are those yummy dips.


Beer drinking contest for females
- always an annual activity


Beer drinking contest for men
-- wow! Congrats to John Bueno for grabbing the champion title for the 2nd time


Flashback: this is the moment we convince John to join the beer drinking contest. It took us more than 5 minutes to get a big YES hahaah


Beer champs for media day!


Here we met Ms. Katharina, a pinay-German girl, na magaling mag tagalog
Nice to meet you Kath


Friends forever hahaha


Great to see you again Sara!!!!
after 6 months, we finally met in an event! Sync na ang ating event schedules.
Sayang wala si Ted.

And here are some photos from last year's 2015 Oktoberfest!

77th Oktoberfest Guest (17)

77th Oktoberfest Guest (19)

77th Oktoberfest Guest (11)

77th Oktoberfest Guest (8)

77th Oktoberfest Guest (1)

77th Oktoberfest Guest (5)

77th Oktoberfest Guest (9)

77th Oktoberfest Guest (13)

77th Oktoberfest Guest (15)

77th Oktoberfest Guest (20)

77th Oktoberfest Guest (24)