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Sunday, October 23, 2016 - Philippines’ first commission-free online marketplace


I got a chance to take a preview of a new local online marketplace and shopping site that was created by a pinoy for us pinoy.  The new online marketplace - is considered as the 1st ever online marketplace designed by pinoys for pinoy shoppers. The network of BigMK is big! because they gather almost everyone from the Fil-Chi business community, they've invite them to come and try their shopping listing service at and get the advantage to have a commission-free service.

BigMK's mission is to help pinoy merchants to sell their items online in order for them to grow bigger by tapping the millenials market and online shoppers. BigMK will provide the online shopping platform for FREE, and you just have to go online, upload all your listing and inventories and let BigMK do the job for you to sell in a shopping store that never sleep.

One of the new features of Bigmk in the online shopping and marketplace business, is that they will allow the shopper to buy the item online and choose a pick up of the item in a store or a warehouse. Its a new online service to let their customers get the item as quickly as possible after purchasing online.

BigMk site language is in English and Chinese, a first in a local online shopping and marketplace


how it goes
1. customer order item at bigmk
2. big mk will validate order and payment
3. notify the merchant
4. Courier pick up item at merchant
5. Then courier deliver item to customer


BigMk also introduces their logistic partner, Cliq n Ship, at the conference they explained how their service works and how cheap their shipping rates compare to popular logistic service providers.

Existing merchant and new breed of merchants are welcome to use BigMk. To start selling your items, you just need to apply an account and also expect that BigMk will double check and inspect your items for sale, just for professionalism protocol in the business, to check if items are good, legit and items will not rot during shipping process.


As of now, BigMk is new.
There are few items on sale, but they are doing their best to invite everyone in one local shopping and marketplace site. The owners think of a way that we should have our own marketplace made by pinoys for pinoys.

The future of BigMk-- they are now planning to launch their mobile app and also get international merchants to join the BigMk marketplace.

check out 


Here are some items that I found interesting to buy at BigMK






This leisure suit jacket is a good one!
but Im not sure if their size XL will fit me

DSC_0032 was founded by Francis Que “Guo Wei Hao,” the owner of Mars Kingdom Bikes at Quezon Blvd., Quiapo, Manila, on June 2016. His knowledge and experience as a market leader in the cycling industry inspired him to venture in online selling and shopping center. The company aims to provide a single online marketplace for products and services bridging local retailers with its consumers.
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