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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tutuban Center - a new improved, clean, and safe shopping center in Divisoria!


Tutuban Center is now calling you to come and visit their shopping center in Divisoria. No need to introduce this shopping mall because its already the place is a shopping institution to many shoppers, fashionista, toy collectors, hobbyist, students, housewives and handyman.

Before I went here for a special media tour around the new improved Tutuban Center, I just saw some post on Facebook and viral news site that mentioned that the all new Tutuban Center is clean, safe and smells good. There are also hearsay that this shopping center is now owned by Ayala Malls.


There's also some changes happening at the street of Divisoria. Local vendors are no longer occupying the entire road but some of them occupy the pedestrian area. But this is good because we can see public utility jeepneys can now cross the road to transport passenger from in and out of Divisoria.


I used to visit the shopping center during my high school and college days, I go here to shop for clothes and also some toys. But the old building near Tutuban Center is gone now due to a fire. But Im happy to see that the old shopping mall is still here and the admins do their best to maintain its status as the prime mall in Divisoria.


Here I learned that the Tutuban Center is an old train station of the PNR. They converted the old train station - Tutuban central station into Tutuban Shopping Center.

This station existed since 1887, and I think the metal beams used inside are still the old beams wayback. Galeng ha. Very strong structure.


Andres Bonifacio monument stands infront of Tutuban Center. This is to commemorate that he was born here and lived as a marketer in some stores in Divisoria during his childhood days.


The admins of Tutuban Center remodeled the front building of their main mall. Instead of a modern style mall facade, they turn the main entrance as a vintage design to show to the public a piece of heritage that was left after the 1st structure of the mall back in 1800s as a train station.

When you enter the mall, you'll see a big sign that says "Main central station"


The metal pillars looks so old, so I believed that these are the same and original metal beams from the 1800s.


The main central mall in Tutuban Center has lots of shopping kioks and boutique shops. They have the personal care shops and fast food area. They also have a National Bookstore, Jollibee and many more fast food establishments.

Im also impressed that their comfort rooms are so clean. Tinalo na nila sa kalinisan yung ibang mall... seryoso!


For a little fun, I participated in this PHP1000 shopping challenge. We have to finish the shopping task in one hour.

My first store visit is here at King's Bakeshop


President's restaurant is very popular in Binondo. They have a fast food version that they call it El Presidente.

Food is great!!!


There are also lots of RTWs for sale
Branded and the factory over runs.


At the 2nd Tutuban Center building -- they call it the Prime mall.
Lots of boutiques for RTW are occupying the huge space of first and 2nd floor.
Toys and other items for the handyman and for your kitchenettes are at the 3rd floor.


Shopping in the morning is a better. Not so crowded, its quiet and no pick pockets around



Spotted some shoppers finishing their deals at this store


Halloween and Christmas decors
Yes, there are lots of it here at Tutuban Center


ASI Novelties, one of the store that I visited for handyman stuff


Cheap and affordable toys and decors


Bought this at King's Bakeshop


Anding's toy store. I scored this Side Chip board game for PHP200!


Thanks Andings!! see you soon


I actually been planning to visit Tutuban Center and Divisoria. Its for my blog project and vlog project. Im glad I got invited for a quick tour and Im happy to say that Tutuban Center is still alive and well. There's nothing to be afraid of when you visit this mall, because the mall is doing their best for the security and care of their customers. Lots of security guards roaming around and I think pick pockets and thieves were repelled away because of the security guards visibility.

Its weird that I have my back pack with me and I didn't even got scared if ever someone will open my back pack, while wearing it at my back. I finished the shopping task and as I went back to the food court, my back pack was left untouched. hahahah. Just be careful always, I went there in the morning, in a not so crowded schedule, but if you are there, just be mindful of your belongings.
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