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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mars Ravelo Reinterpreted, a 100th year commemoration exhibit at Juan Luna Gallery, CCP


October 9 is the birthday of Mars Ravelo, one of the best comic creator in the country, the man behind creating the pinoy komiks icon - Darna, Captain Barbel, Dyesebel, Lastikman, Bondying and many more. To celebrate his birthday, and years as a comics writer and artist and for producing 300 comics titles in every genre, his family and friends collaborated in a 3 month exhibit at the CCP to commemorate his 100th year, featuring his works, history of making comics and also how modern artist interpret his work into new age art pieces.

The exhibit is open to all and it started last September 15, 2016 and scheduled to run  until November 13, 2016. Just visit the Bulwagan Juan Luna main gallery inside Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) - entrance is free.

Viewing hours
Tuesday to Sunday
Tel: (632) 832-1125 loc 1504/1505
(632) 832-3702

This is to prove that Mars Ravelo is never been forgotten, his works are timeless, it get resurrected in every year and decade to cater the next generation. This exhibit is a teaser of more things to come that is everything Mars Ravelo, Im excited for it and I do hope that every October 9th, there will be a Mars Ravelo day that will be celebrated every year and in the future it can be a national holiday. Pwede di ba?


Mars Ravelo..reinterpreted..reimagined.
Its like a "What if?" in comics...what if Mars Ravelo is redesigned into an artform
what will be your imaginative concept?


October 9 was the day for the exhibit to do a formal launch, its in line with the 100th birthday of Mars Ravelo.

It was like family and friends reunion. Because I see some old friends way back and also friends from the comics community visiting the exhibit. There's also a funny moment that some people thought that Im a curator - maybe because I wear my coat and gel up hair haha. But Im happy to share my knowledge about some Mars Ravelo trivia.


Mars Ravelo, if there's Stan Lee in Marvel Comics, here in the Philippines we have Mars Ravelo
It was in the year late 90's when I got interest to dig and research about Pinoy comics, and if ever Mars Ravelo is alive, Im definitely the first guy in line to meet him in person.


Its great to see and meet the grand son of Mars Ravelo. Gino and I collaborated in the past for a small Mars Ravelo exhibit in ToyCon. It was a first time with the Ravelos and I was hoping that we can do it again in our next event, I lost his contact details and its great to meet him again during this age of Facebook haha.


If there's a ribbon cutting in every exhibit.
Here at the Mars Ravelo exhibit, they cut a cake!


Art portrait of Mars Ravelo


A list of Mars Ravelo's work displayed at the exhibit


Highlighting also the popular titles


I think I need to research about this Fantastic Four.
(ok after some google-fu, I found a copy piece of it  here )


Mars history


The most crowded exhibit space, you need time to read Mars' history


Its awesome to learn that Mars Ravelo is a Caviteno.


Old comics pages are one exhibit, featuring the original pages were Mars' works were first featured.
Varga is one his first superhero, before Darna.


After Varga, Mars relaunched the character and named her Darna.


During my youngling years, Darna and Captain Barbell is one of the local superheroes I patronize. Thanks to those movies that led me read the original comics.

I dont buy comics back then, I just visit the barbershop or sari sari store nearby and pay 25 centavos to rent one comics to read on that day.


I learned about Flash Bomba in early 2000, I got amazed by its superhero powers.
A superhero with a big hand and foot with super powers.


Its so rare to see Mars Ravelo script.
I was like...ohhh ganun pala nya ginagawa yung script nya


Thanks to the Ravelo family for sharing this
as I mentioned, this is very rare.


Mars Ravelo's type writer
The magic started here from script to comics


Framed page of Darna


Darna's first appearance in comics
IF you have a copy of this...then you own a treasure


At the exhibit, there are some photo copies of some comics.
This is for you to browse and read the classic works of Mars Ravelo


The next room featured the art pieces by modern artist that interpreted Mars Ravelo's comics works.

Featured artist are:

Ernest Concepcion
Leeroy New
Mariano Ching
Mariano Ching
Ang Gerilya
Dex Fernandez
Kris Abrigo
Virgilio Aviado
Maisha dela Cruz
RM De Leon
Jonas Roces
Jericho Vamenta

exhibit is curated by: Dean Zuberi Africa

photo above: A mural art by Dex Fernandez, featuring a comic strip of various Mars' characters, Ipe, Engot at si Garapata

This mural art can be viewed here only and it will be erased right after the exhibit


Bondying, art installation


Rita Ravelo-Dela Cruz's comic strip work "Kikay Okay"


A close up look of Leeroy New's art sculpture made from this tiny plastic toy.
Visit the exhibit and see the full art piece.


One of my fave art, a painting of Maruja


Dyesebel statue


There are more artworks exhibited at the Mars Ravelo Reinterpreted.
I wont show it all here, just visit the exhibit any time and any day at the CCP.
Exhibit will run till November 13, 2016.

To commemorate Mars Ravelo's 100th years, let me post and feature these scanned photos of Mars Ravelo during his time when he is alive. Photos came from the press kit saved in a Darna USB card.

A young Ravelo

Photo of Mars Ravelo

Mars Ravelo Photos_Page_011

Mars Ravelo's office

Mars Ravelo Photos_Page_020

Mars Ravelo with Ike Lozada and some celebs ( sorry si Ike lang kilala ko dito, inabutan ko sya e)

Mars Ravelo Amaya, Cavite

I think this is in Cavite.

Mars and Lucy Ravelo

Mars and Lucy Ravelo

Mars Ravelo Photos_Page_078

Mars Ravelo in a meeting with a young Nora Aunor

Mars Ravelo Photos_Page_090

cute moments!! Mars Ravelo with a young Nino Muhlach and Dante Rivero. During the 80's Im a big fan of Nino Muhlach movies.

Mars Ravelo Photos_Page_121

Mars Ravelo in comic creation lecture ( I think)

Ravelo family

The Ravelos Family picture - Richard, Roberta, Rita, Lucy, Roli, Regina and Mars
(1960s photo)

Mars Ravelo Photos_Page_267

and here are more old pictures from the press kit on my hand.


Im not familiar with this title, but Im so curious to research more about it

Thanks for viewing and reading my blog.
Pls visit the Mars Ravelo exhibit at CCP
Just contact me if you need directions or guide going to CCP

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