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Monday, October 10, 2016

Philippine Azkals vs. Bahrain - friendly football match (photo coverage)


I got a chance to watch a live football game last Friday and its the Philippine Football Federation organized friendly football match with Bahrain. Im not a total football fan, but Im so excited to watch it live and try to feel the atmosphere of a football game. There are so many attempts in the past during the rise of our Philippine football team, the Philippine Azkals, the football game is so popular that time and I was so eager to try to visit the stadium to watch live and snap some photos.
Back then I just got an old Olympus dslr with 55-150mm lens, I think its a good lens to capture the entire action. But I don't have any proper knowledge yet in sports photography but Im so curious to try it at the football game.

Last friday, I went to Rizal Stadium to watch the friendly match of our Philippine Azkals vs. Bahrain. The game is scheduled at 8pm-10pm. I arrived at the venue at 830pm and already missed the 1st part of the game.

Thanks to my contact for the ticket and access to the game.


It was rainy that night and here I am at the covered bleacher of Rizal Stadium. The audience area is full at the back, but few people only seat at the front, so in my row, Im the only guy seating there.


Photo of the audience area.


Me and my Nikon D5300 with 55mm-200mm lens

Here's the starting line up
I only know the Younghusbands and Im not familiar yet with the other players. This list is good to ID the players on the field.


My first sporst action photo
an injured Bahrain football player on the ground


Resident medic helped the Bahrain player to walk and out of the field.


The score that night, it was PH 0 / BHR 1
wow!!!! The audience were so excited and full energy in cheering our PH players.
here's a lone Azkals trying to out run the two BHR players


It was hard to take pictures because the action is fast
I need to zoom in and use my other eye to view whats going on outside my lens


James Younghusband in a battle with two BHR players


PH and BHR players waiting for the arrival of the ball


One kick to score...but it was blocked by the BHR goalie
There are many times that the PH players tries to score, but always fail


Aguinaldo is on the move


James Younghusband chases the BHR player to capture that football


He caught and brought it back to its home goal


But he was blocked by the player and the ball went out of his control


The ball was saved and was back to PH players. BHR players in full defense mode


The shocking moment, when BHR scores the goal

score update: PH 0 / BHR 2


It was a major upset to us PH fans


But then after some trials of a lone Azkals to hit a goal
They've finally did it and the crowd suddently went wild

there's still hope.


Phil Younghusband in defense mode vs. BHR


Crowd went wild...


BHR player on ground...hurt and in pain
I think his shin got hit by power kick from an Azkals player


Phil trying to steal that ball


Power kick launched by an Azkal


It was hard to goal that night...all Azkal's ball launched were always blocked by the BHR goalie
this moment, we call it...supalpal


BHR launches another attack


PH launches another attack.
This moment is after the half time hour of the game
Everyone are still hopeful for another goal score from the PH team


BHR goalie got hurt


PH Azkal player got hurt...he received an accidental kick in the nuts
I saw how he cries for help and was in intense pain


Medic team helped the PH player out of the field


Few minutes left....
Phil launches another attack


I forgot what happened here, but it looks like he failed to pass the ball to a team mate


BHR player got hurt and twisted his ankle.


He can no longer continue and was carried out of the field.


Conflict moment
PH and BHR player almost got into a fight. The referee never stop in calming them down


The BHR player keeps on shouting because we was upset on something.
the PH Azkal player just avoided any contact as told by the referee


uh oh...penalty card


The game resumes..


Wow!! the BHR players runs so fast


BHR goalie saves the day


Another power kick launch.

score update:

PH 1 / BHR 3


The PH team is on double time because game time is almost running out




Game ends..

BHR wins the friendly match


PH Azkals...time to rest and recharge for another game
this time, versus North Korea football team


My view...before I saw good bye

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