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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Take a look inside SM Megamall's Makansutra hawker food court


Food explorers and adventurers, you should check out this hawker food court inside SM Megamall Mega A, because they brought here in our country the authentic line of hawker food that came from Singapore that offers a variety of food recipes inspired from the Asian region of India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Makansutra is a well known food hawker hub in Singapore, they are famous to foodies and tourist because of its street food style of cooking and comes with lots of taste and flavor. Makansutra was here before and my memory didn't fail me because they occupy the 2nd level of Manila Ocean Park, and I was there many times, but I wonder why they close down, maybe because it was far away and lack foot traffic and we pinoys prefer to a much accessible place, So Makansutra is back again with the blessing of Makansutra's Chief Executive and Makan Guru KF Seetoh, same person who brought the concept here before and now the new Makansutra is at SM Megamall.

Here's some info about Makansutra in SM Megamall
- All food stalls are operated and owned by SM
- 12 food stalls are available inside
- It showcases different kinds of hawker restos
- 70 to 80 Filipino chefs were trained by the owners of these hawker restos
- They have two kinds of dining area - the common area and a function room with waiters

“Why not SM? You can’t find any other better location, except maybe SM MOA. It took one breakfast with Hans Sy and I was fortunate enough for being given the opportunity to have a space here. No other mall in Singapore compares to the size and the kind of crowd that Megamall has.”
-  Makansutra Chief Executive and Makan Guru KF Seetoh


You should not be intimated by the word or the look of the interiors of Makansutra, if you are not yet familiar with the food offerings, then just think of its like a food court that offers different kinds food and recipes from Singapore.

In other countries, just like in Malaysia, some of their malls have a Makansutra like set up. Each food stalls sell a different variety of food, there's Malaysian food, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and etc. I think its time for the mall to level up and offer more foreign flavors, because as time goes by, our taste buds are searching for more strong and much satisfying flavor.

photo: Here's the grand entrance to Makansutra


The dining area also called the common area.
Just visit a food stall, buy your food and bring it here at the dining area


There's also a function room where you can have your own waiter and servers.
The waiters will take your order and will serve the food on your table.
But there's a 15% additional charge per table when you dine at this function room that operates like a restaurant.


Each stall inside Makansutra sells a different kind of food recipes, they don't sell the same kind of food.


They have see through glass window for you to see how they cook your food


Each food is served hot and prepared fresh


The dining table and chairs is not ordinary.
It looks like that some parts are from a recyclable material.

Btw "Shiok" means an expression of happiness or pleasure


Walls are decorated by air brushed artworks


Simple..not so flashy
but entertaining interiors and art deco


The common dining area are well lighted and its quiet.
People just come and go, eat and run, or just eat, talk and have a great dining experience.


There are rounded tables, rectangular tables, long tables and tables with bar set up high chair.


Some people work here while waiting for their food.
But take note: WIFI and Mobile internet signal is poor.
But I discovered that there's 4G signal inside the men's CR haha

I actually need to go out of Makansutra just to post an Instagram photo during my 1st visit here.


Makansutra guide for idiots
Just relax..its just an ordinary food court


If you are curious about the hawker food in Singapore, then this visual board located at the front entrance can give you a clue what it is.

Also there's a staff standing at the entrance, they can answer all your inquiries just incase you are 1st time visitor or new to Makansutra or hawker food.

Below are the menu of Makansutra
this menu is available only to the function room or restaurant type room


just click the photo to view large version

Here are the 12 food stalls at MAKANSUTRA, SM MEGAMALL


Alhambra Padang Satay and Muslim Food
(Halal certified food)


Bao Ji Xiang


Ah Tee


Adam's Ribs


Gooba Hia


Jin Ji Kway Chap and Braised Duck


Curry Flurry


Donald and Lily


Geyland Claypot Rice


Sips, Sweets and Snacks


Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee


Mian Ji

- my agenda next time is to visit each stall, try their food and do a food feature and review here in my blog. So abangan nyo na lang ha.


So here are the food that we tried at Makansutra
Each food was served to us for a taste and try experience.


Sambal Kangkong
- Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee


Fish Head Soup noodles
- Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee


10 Sticks Satay
Alhambra Padang Satay and Muslim Food


Claypot rice
- Geyland Claypot Rice


Fried Oyster Omelette
- Ah Tee


Paper wrapped chicken
- Bao Ji Xiang


Twice cooked crispy beef ribs with beef balls and tripe
- Gooba Hia


Noodle bowl with sauce veggie and egg
- Gooba Hia


Ice Kachang
Mango Lassi
- from Sips, Sweets and Snacks


Ice Kachang
- Sips, sweets and Snacks


Mango Lassi
- Sips, sweets and Snacks

My first taste and try at Makansutra is awesome!
Some say that it is not authentic due to the taste, but for me, its the closest to authentic, because the only authentic Makansutra is really in Singapore. Importing the brand here in our country is easy and food stalls need to use local ingredients and cooking skills that was shared by the owners of the food stalls of Makansutra.  For me this is a good start to explore if you haven't been to Singapore, so that you know what food they offer and want kind of taste you want to patronize if ever you have plans to visit Singapore in the future.

I will come back to try each of the food stalls.
that's 12 food stalls.. so expect 12 kind of food post from me soon

Visit Makansutra at the 2nd floor of SM Megamall. Bldg A
food stall operation 10am-9pm daily
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