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Friday, October 14, 2016

The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 - its PHL vs. IDN vs. MYS vs. SG vs VNM


Last October 13, 2016, AXN started the season 5 premiere of The Amazing Race Asia. This race contest is very popular to fans of reality series and cross country travel racers in the Philippines because it brought us the glory of winning when the 1st team Philippines - Richard Hardin & Richard Herrera, won the 2010 race.

Back in season 2 of year 2007, our team Philippines - Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez, both celebrity buddies was the main buzz about the race and it was the start of us pinoys to get hooked and hoping that we win! but the challenges are so difficult, it was our first loss,  but its okay, team Philippines won from the last season..which is season 4 in 2010, and The Riches, were so competitive and successful finished the race.

But the show took a 6 years break and they are back again!


October 2016 marks the return of The Amazing Race season 5.
Now airing every Thursday at 9:00pm first and exclusively on AXN

Traveler racers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam will race again across Asia and this will feature new travel spots, challenges and obstacles. No script, its all real based action and happening, each errors and wrong move will cost them to win the pit stop slot.


Last Oct 12th, we got to watch the 1st episode of season 5, its a day before the Asian premiere. We didn't revealed the result of the 1st race that day because we need to wait til the airing of the episode the next day.

I can say that the race is really on!!!!
Its the same old The Amazing Race Asia!!!
The race that will give stress to us viewers because we're so affected by the reality based show and performance of their racers.

And for our wish....For Team Philippines is to win this season 5, and bring back the glory of winning and excitement!


Here are our Team Philippines for season 5

Married couple -- Eric and Rona


Beauty queens -- Maggie and Parul

Do you think that they have the guts to show to us that they can finish the race without whining?
Will muscles and brain, or beauty and brains can beat the other racers?

For team Philippines, we got the best qualifying racers for this season. Im sure one of them can win. And if the last leg of the race...I hope they remain as the last survivor of The Amazing Race Asia.

I'm now excited to see the next episode!!
Let's get hooked again!


Its funny that a friend invited me to be his partner to join the audition for the season 5 of The Amazing Race Asia. I told him that I'm not really fit to do the challenges hahahah. But I told him, lets give it at shot. He's a professional model, and I think if ever we tried the audition, we can make the slot. LOL

so ano title namin ?

Toy collector buddies? hahahah


Also Team #EATgetaway with Athena on a reunion that night!
We talked about again our motorcycle adventure back in Baler.
So parang Amazing Race Asia na din yun


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Cable Channel 61, Dream Channel 20, GSat Channel 51, and SKYCable Channel 49.
AXN HD is seen on SkyCable Channel 247.

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