Bakood Festival 2016 part 1 - meet the officials, preparation and overnight stay at Island Cove hotel and resort

SEPTEMBER 23, 2016 - Me and my blogger friends were invited to cover and feel the atmosphere of the annual festival at Bacoor, Cavite. Every year at around mid September, the town of Cavite celebrates its founding anniversary, for this year 2016, our Bacoor celebrates its 345th founding anniversary and in line with the anniversary celebration, they have this festival called "Bakood Festival".

The term "bakood" came from during the Spanish times, because Bacoor, Cavite is a town filled with lots of bamboo trees and they use these bamboo as their fence around their homes, and when the Spaniard visited Bacoor and asked about where they are, the Filipino folks will just say "bakod", but the Filipino thought that they were asked what were they doing because the Spaniard caught them making fence with bamboo trunks, so the Spaniards thought that they are in the town called "Bakood".

The Bakood Festival was launched last 2013, under the mayorship of Mayor Strike Revilla. after his term, the festival was continued by our new mayor, Mayor Lani Mercado-Revilla.

Bakood Festival is not celebrated by the use of bamboo or fence, but the concept is that it was launched as our Natonal Marching Band Festival, its the biggest and grandest marching band parade and competition here in the Philippines. It is participated by marching bands from all over the country. The competition for the band is titled as Musiko: The Grandest Marching Band Parade in the Philippines

Bacoor people are one of the most talented marching band performers in the country, they exist since the revolutionary times, and they have marching band playing in times of triumph and defeat in war. The oldest Bacoor marching band is the "Anak ng Zapote", they existed since 1925, and the members of the band today are from the new generation.



Its funny that my 1st photo is a bed, hahaha. This blog post is just a part one of my blog series for the Bakood Festival.

We scheduled our bloggers round up here at Island Cove so that we can prepare for the festival. We got our own room to relax and also meet the people behind the Bakood Festival


I've been to Island Cove many times, but this is my 2nd time to spend an overnight stay. We occupied this hotel area with awesome view of the veranda


I brought all my gear with me for this festival and its my 3rd time to cover the Bakood Festival. I invited my wife to join with me so that she can feel the festival because she's from Bacoor. Then I also invited Enzo, Ted, Aci and Alyzza to witness our Bakood Festival. I told them that its a different festival and not the same with the festival they know (usually kasi yung iba festival may kinalaman sa santo )


My last view of my wife Lace, I left here inside the room hahahah, because she needs to do some online job. I went down to the cafe area to eat a nice ensaymada and hot coffee.

We were scheduled to meet at 6pm in preparation for a dinner with our Mayor Lani Mercado-Revilla


We went to Max's Restaurant in  Revilla Park for our dinner, then we saw this huge welcome banner. Then we learned that the 4 names on the banner are the international guest judge for the marching band festival and also we learned about the PASAMBAP,  which means Pambansang Samahan ng mga Marching Bands sa Pilipinas (National Association of Marching Band in the Philippines)


We learned from Bacoor Tourism Offier Edwin Guinto that in order to have an official competition, it needs to be accredited first by the PASAMBAP and also that international organization of marching bands (I didn't got the name of the assoc.)

This 2016 is just a national competition, but for 2017, Bakood Festival will soon be the world stage for a global marching band competition.

Wow! Im so excited for that! Bakood Festival 2017 will be a big bang!


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The officials of the PASAMBA are here with us and they are so happy that Bacoor is the festival ground for the grandest marching band of the country.


Next year: PASAMBAP will be involved because there's already plan for Bakood Festival and the marching band contest to go global. There's a bigger and official marching band contest that was held in other countries,but here in the Philippines, we're creating now our own version.


International guest judges - Kasem Thipayametrakul (THL), Nipat Kanchanahud (THL) and Saturnino Tiamson Jr. (HK)

Here we discovered that Saturino Tiamson Jr. is a full blood pinoy! He's based in HK and he is the regional rep for the international affairs for the marching band.


PASAMBAP officials shows their support for the Bakood Festival 2016.


So after our dinner at Max, we went to 7-11 to buy some coffee and food. I know for sure that me and the gang will stay wide awake will midnight to enjoy the room and also do some blogging before we turn off the lights.

Btw, our mayor wasn't able to join us, because she went to the palace for an urgent meeting that night.


Here we saw our uniforms!
Wow!! for me the polo shirt with Bakood Festival logo is the best festival shirt ever!!
Thanks sir Edwin!


Not our room -- that's Enzo and Ted's room
Sayang, may isa pa pala bed. sana I invited more bloggers pa. Di bale next Bakood Festival 2017 for sure marami na tayo mag cover!


At around midnight, I prepared my gear after charging all batteries and then went out to meet my wife and son at the cafe.

Yup! my son is here with us, we have plans to bring him to the festival.


Spotted Ted uploading some videos
hahahaha! great job Ted!


At the cafe -- my wife and son are doing some hackathon activites hahah
Complete with coffee and cookies.
Oh Ashton just drink water lang.

I didn't disturbed them because both of them are focus on their computers.


I went to the bar to order a coffee prep by a siphon.
I showed it to my son and he's amazed on how the coffee was prepared.
I told him that I have plans to buy a siphon coffee apparatus, so that we can do coffee magic every morning at home.


I told my son, the process is like cycles of rain.


Im just Facebooking that night with enjoying my hot coffee. But I went down around 2am to finish a VLOG edit.

Its funny that the internet went slow at that time. So I just edited a VLOG and set it to be uploaded the next morning

Morning sunshine view at Island Cove!
I failed to woke up soooooo early just to capture a nice timelapse of sunrise.
but its okay, my agenda for that morning is to eat our breakfast at Sangley restaurant with our bloggers.


My traditional breakfast meal hahah
hashtag cutefoods

Lace and Ash is still asleep, I told them that we're at the resto and we're moving to the main town for the Bakood Festival festivities.

So its me and the bloggers to cover the marching band fest.

So stay tuned for my part 2 blog post!

Bakood Festival 2016
Bacoor, Cavite
September 23-24, 2016

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