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Monday, October 17, 2016

Oktoberfest 2016 in Sofitel Manila - aftermath


The Oktoberfest this year at Sofitel Manila is the best and biggest! I can tell the difference why it is different from the previous Oktoberfest, because this year is the grandest and colorful Oktoberfest ever- everyone are game and no longer shy in dancing haha.

I missed the party last year due to a conflict of my schedule, but then I promised for 2016 whatever happened, I should be here and get a room for an overnight at Sofitel Manila to better enjoy the Oktoberfest 2016.

I'm happy that my plan went well, and thanks to the collaborative effort with my blogger friends, Jeman, Enzo and John. We successfully booked an overnight stay + with breakfast for 4 people the next day. Before the booking plans, I highly suggested to my friends that we really should book a staycation so that we can fully enjoy the Oktoberfest and never go home drunk! or leave early during the festival because of commuting schedule to home.

Having an overnight stay at Sofitel Manila and join the Oktoberfest 2016 is the best ever hotel experience.

For next year, yes! we're going to do it again.

My wife was planning to book her room on the same week, but was unable to get a room because Sofitel Manila's occupancy is at 98%,  Sayang! but we will try to do it again next year, i told her that Sofitel Manila is much better now compare from the last time we stayed around 2013.


The event tent of Sofitel Manila was transformed into a Bavarian Oktoberfest, take note that the local Oktoberfest that are celebrated here in  the Philippines by San Miguel Beer is much different from the authentic kind like the Bavarian Oktoberfest, the origin of the festival.


I was planning to wear this kind of costume, its a Bavarian Oktoberfest costume for guys.
I ran our of time to buy some customization for my costume, but then I promised myself that I'll wear this next year even for the press con and launch of Oktobefest 2017 at Sofitel Manila.


After entering the tent, we were greeted by the Sofitel Manila's staff wearing their own Bavarian costume, in time for the Oktoberfest 2016.

I read somewhere about the ribbons position of their apron, to show which of them is single, married, widowed and a virgin. Because of the busy festive of the event, I didn't got a chance to check the ribbons of their aprons


As usual, the event is overflowing again with lots of food -- German sausages, pork knuckles, cakes, sweets and...


Overflowing of San Miguel Beer.
Its weird that the beer here at the Oktoberfest is not too heavy. I drank 4 pint of it and Im still fine and took 2 CR breaks through out the night. The beer is good even without ice. I guess the ice on beers can turn your tummy with heavy, that's why they prefer beers with no ice.


So what did I eat there?
So here's picture 1 -- check out a set of sausage, pork knuckles, saurkraut and some potatoes
pair with ice cold San Miguel Beer.


For my 2nd plate, I decided to stay way from the sausages, because I felt that I enjoyed eating lots of porky meat, its tasty and perfect pair for my beer.

Next year, I will go pure porky meat! hahaa


Thanks to Jeman for taking a group selfie. We waited for Enzo to arrive fresh from Bulacan, its 2 hours wait for us here at the table to produce a complete group selfie


The entire floor of the tent is filled with Oktoberfest loyalist -- locals and foreigners.
Some of them are first timers and others are the regulars.


The Bavarian Sound Express is back again here in our country to play music and tunes that are observed in every Oktoberfest celebration.

The best part here is that they can also perform pop songs!


After dancing some Bavarian original music, the crowd started to kick away the tipsyness by dancing around the floor. I tried dancing and I got so tired, I went back to our table and gulp another pint of beer hahah.


Okay we are prepared for this Oktoberfest song!


Dancing with new people is fun!


So we disturbed John because he's so busy blogging the event hahahah.


Medyo corny, pero sige! let's have a photo of our mug cheers!
lol. kunyari celebrating our 10 years of friendship.


We're not yet drunk! LOL


The most awesome sight here is the beer drinking contest. Looking at these lovely women of the Oktoberfest gulp a pint of beer in seconds makes the crowd go wild!


2nd round and a new set of beer drinkers.
I just forget about the drinking contest for men, watching them ladies join in  beer war is very entertaining and interesting.

The pretty girl wearing blue top on the right shocked us..she's a heavy beer drinker!
She finished 3rd.


At the event, we saw an AVP of the German Club's CSR project, I think some of the profits from the festival will be used to support their beneficiaries and CSR projects. Good job! German Club.


And then we started to boogie!
hahaha! its the last hour of our stay....All of us are tired and sleepy.
Program has ended but the live music from the Bavarian Sound Express didn't stop in playing popular songs.


Me and Enzo were surprised to see our friend Katharina!


One last dance!! cheers!


Grabe! for the first time ever, I finished the Oktoberfest in 6 hours! Sobra saya!
Next year, Im going to wear my costume and also make sure that me and my family got our own hotel room at Sofitel Manila.

Best tip here is that.... book a hotel room at Sofitel Manila to better enjoy the festivity of Oktoberfest.

Thanks again for reading my blog and see you on Oktoberfest 2017 at Sofitel Manila.

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