Flip’s - gourmet tuyo and tinapa in pure olive oil - a product from Bacoor, Cavite

Im a fan of those canned sardines in Spanish oil with spicy flavor and also local fried and dried fish, did you know that I’ve learned how to any fish when I moved here in Bacoor, Cavite 13 years ago. I almost missed a lot of things in my life and Im thankful that a family in Bacoor always cook fish at home and during my early blogging days I was starting to be a  foodie, it was my mission to explore any food and get to know what else are the good local dishes in the Philippines.

I was contacted by JM Oleo on Facebook and he told me about their product “Flip’s”  and when I learned that its a product from Bacoor City, I got the interest to try it. Then I learned that their product is a Tuyo and Tinapa in a bottle mixed with pure olive oil. Its a product made by his mom using an old family secret recipe, it was a small business at first, and now Flip’s have grown through bazaars and expo.

I’ve tasted a version or another gourmet Tuyo brand in a bottle and It was so salty, my taste buds can’t take the super salt flavor of the Tuyo, that other brand froze in our ref and I no longer tasted it ever again.

For Flip’s Im surprised that their Tuyo fish has lesser salt taste, I mean the Tuyo fish or fried herring fish has the right amount of salt taste. As for their Tinapa or smoked fish, I like the smokey flavor and the softness of the tinapa fish - Im not sure if its a herring or a tilapia, but I do like the fish meat and its spice flavor.  

Flip’s product is ready to eat, it means that you can eat it right away, and its best serve with plain rice. Others use the Flip’s tuyo and tinapa as their ingredients for pasta, breakfast rice meal with egg, for their tuyo or tinapa sandwich or just plain snack or lunch during office break.

You can order Flip’s gourmet Tuyo or Tinapa via their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/flipsfoodph

They can deliver it to your doorstep or to your office.

Flip’s gourmet tuyo
PHP 230

Flip’s gourmet tinapa
PHP 250

Expiration date, good for 3 months, but JM said that their Flip’s gourmet tuyo and tinapa no longer need to be refrigerated.

Flip’s is made in Bacoor, its a small business and now their product is now making waves around the metro. Don’t worry the herring fish aren’t from the Manila Bay, their fish supply came from outside the city and far from coastal of Cavite.  

Let’s open up and taste Flip’s product.
I opened the bottle on the same day that I got this from JM.
Sakto kasi walang ulam sa bahay, kaya heto na ang ulam ko.

Left: Flip’s gourmet Tuyo
Right: Flip’s gourmet Tinapa

As I opened the bottle, I didn’t get a sharp salt aroma, which is good, it means that their tuyo processing are not so salty. But the most aromatic here is the Flip’s gourmet tinapa. Ohh I love the smell of it and its very appetizing.

JM told me that their customers are posting a series of Flip’s gourmet Tuyo and Tinapa food ideas, here I copied a food concept from one of their IG contributors

I made a white rice top with Flip’s gourmet tuyo and tinapa and a sunny side up egg ( I cooked it only using the microwave)

The best sana If I pair it with hot coffee, but I was so hungry that evening and Im excited to taste the products from Flip’s .

Thanks JM for introducing this to me, Its great to know that we have a new Bacoor product that added on my list to support.

Up next: I will try to add Flip’s gourmet tinapa on my pasta!