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Monday, October 03, 2016

review and reactions: WESTWORLD tv series premiere on HBO this Oct 3 at 9am (available on SKYCable and SkyDirect)

Westworld HBO in Sky Cable

They say that the Westworld tv series, a remake or reboot of the classic sci fi-thriller movie "Westworld (1973)" is the next big thing after Game of Thrones. The new series will be aired exclusively on HBO and it will air here in the Philippines every Monday at 9am, airing live the same moment in the US.

I'm sure that everyone are still waiting for the heat and hype of this series, just like in Game of Thrones, that took off to popularity right after Season 1 and it trended after with the help of fans posting their excitement and disappointment in social media, some got disappointed because in every Season many main characters die.

But here in Westworld, expect no deaths, but expect lots of resurrection. Why? because the main characters are not humans, but they are humanoids -- cyborg or a robot with artificial human skin, body, organs and artificial intelligence programmed by modern scientist. They can die but then can live again.

The Westworld TV series that will air in HBO is similar to that movie of 1973's Westworld, I dug some info and I found out that this movie came from the book written by Michael Crichton, if you can remember, he is also the author who got the brains for the book and movie -- Jurassic Park and the Lost World.  Just think of it, if Westworld involves robots then add Michael Crichton in the equation then you'll get a result of  --"science got wrong".

For a short background of Westworld, it is the name of a "park" or a "theme park" (yup! sounds like Jurassic Park), its a park were people can role play as a character from the wild wild west, they can be a sheriff, a lone cowboy, a member of a gang or just anything. The park guest will visit the Westworld site wearing a complete west or cowboy attire. Each of your moment will be interacted with a resident cyborg that looks so human, actually when you are there, you won't even know that the person beside you in bed is human or non human.

Just like in the classic movie - something went wrong and the main scientist and park operator aren't sure what happened, so some cyborgs from the Westworld went rogue and looks like they operated on their own. Just think of like those dinosaurs went crazy in Jurassic Park.

The story will revolve there and it will expand the story that inspired from the 1973 Westworld movie.

Top names appeared on the credits of Westworld series, we have executive producer JJ Abrams, and Jonathan Nolan as director for the pilot episode. James Marden, Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton and Evan Rachel Woods as one of lead actors of the series. So that's why it was a big deal!!!

Westworld HBO in Sky Cable

Westworld tv series will air every Monday at HBO starting this Oct 3 at 9am. You can watch HBO on Sky Cable at channel 54 and 168, channel 22 on Sky Direct.

Westworld will also have a replay at 9pm on the same day and available online stream at HBO GO

Westworld HBO in Sky Cable

Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores

- new celeb crush of the year!

Westworld HBO in Sky Cable

Ed Harris as the gunslinger

Westworld HBO in Sky Cable

Anthony Hopkins as Dr.Robert Ford

Westworld HBO in Sky Cable

The gunslinger and his prey

Westworld HBO in Sky Cable

For my review of WESTWORLD TV series

Its very different from the classic movie, there are lots of question that needed to be answered and this series will require you to think. Because its so sci fi and there's also this mind boggling and creep moment when you saw the pilot eps.

Just like Game of Thrones, this Westworld series has lots of nudity, frontal and back nudity, blood and death. Not suitable for kids and youngsters because there are some sex scenes too!

The pilot episode is a mind blown, I expected too much and expected that it will be like the classic movie, but I was so wrong after the end credits.

Evan Rachel Wood, the western girl named Dolores, might be the main character of this series, not sure if more will come after Episode 1, but I feel that the story will revolve on her as one of the cyborg residents of Westworld. For me, she gave colors and light moment for the series, something that your eyes can relax for a moment before you see a lot of violence and sex through out the series.

Westworld HBO in Sky Cable

Westworld menu for dinner

Westworld HBO in Sky Cable

Thanks to Sky Cable and HBO Asia for inviting me to watch it a week before the global premiere of Westworld

Westworld HBO in Sky Cable

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