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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Smart budgeting strategy part 4: how much I need to achieve my dreams?


After using the features of the Insular Life Financial Manager App , I have seen how much I used my blogger gig fund for the entire week. Its a bit of a shocker, and I thought that I can only spend PHP1,000 per week, but it looks like that my blogger gig from Thursday is the most expensive ever.

Normally, I like to budget my blogger gig month by allotting at least PHP4k or PHP5k  per month, that will cover only for Transportation expenses. For the mid month of November up to the entire month of December I allotted a budget of PHP7,600 that already covers transpo, cellphone load and food.

For my 1st week, I already used PHP 2,316 and my week is not yet done, for this Saturday, which will be my last week for the blogger gig, I'm targeting to use PHP300 for my transpo budget, because Im going to use Grab Car later to travel from Jupiter St. Makati going to Venice Grand Canal, I just hope that the Grab Car fare is less than PHP300.

Since I know already my week expenses, I can now weigh in myself through budgeting to achieve my dreams.. my dreams are just simple:

To save money for:
1. Travel fund for Thailand - PHP 5000
2. Christmas gifts - PHP 1000
3. Hotel staycation for December - PHP 4000
TOTAL ------------------- PHP 10,000

Oh crap, I didn't expect that its a bit too much, but if ever I can tweak my monthly budget, I can still use the remaining PHP4,000 as my December budget, so I might remove the hotel staycation plans OR maybe the trip to Thailand.

Im planning to go to Thailand this December for a business trip, I have my airline, food and accommodation already covered, and it leaves me to use some extra cash for daily expenses for my 3-4 days stay in Thailand this December.

If ever I earn PHP15,000 in a month, geez wizz kulang pala ito, I might cancel the blogging activities anytime soon, because its so expensive to go out everyday to cover blogger events and go home earning nothing.. Time to get smart!

Wow! at least I can still adjust and see how I use my cash for a week. The Insular Life Financial Manager App is very useful. I suggest you try it and learn how to do smart budgeting in just a swift of a button

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