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Monday, November 21, 2016

TrueTea Iced Tea with Green Stevia natural sweetener - the safest iced tea to sweetened your day

GX International, a Filipino pharmaceutical company and distributor of Green Stevia natural sweetener, just announced and introduced their latest product -- TrueTea Iced Tea with Stevia. Its an iced tea powder that is made from natural black tea and added with green stevia sweetener.

Most mainstream iced tea brand are still using the common white or brown sugar to add sweetness to their iced tea. There are many encounters that the iced tea on our glass from a restaurant or fast food contains 300+ tsp of sugar in one glass.

We're glad that TrueTea Iced Tea with Stevia has been introduced to the public to help people to switch and lessen the high consume of sugar in their body.

Stevia is a kind of plant that secretes a sweet taste when consumed, it doesn't contain any harmful toxin, but only gives a natural sweet and zero sugar. People who are practicing healthy lifestyle prefers to use stevia powder as their substitute for sugar, and for diabetic persons, its the most recommended sweetener for them because it is safe and contains no sugar.

As they say, too much is very bad in our body and if we consume too much sugar, we are at risk to acquire diabetes and get sick badly due to its complication.

TrueTea iced tea with stevia

As GX International mentioned, same thing as their Green Stevia sweetener, their new product TrueTEa Iced Tea with Stevia contains zero sugar, it only have the natural sweet taste coming from the stevia plant that was processed together with the black tea into powder iced tea form.

Its has low calories (20 cal), natural sweet and zero sugar, and plus they added Vitamin C to make the iced tea drink with stevia much more healthier.

TrueTEa Iced is approved by the FDA and it is also Halal certified

1 Box= 4 sachet of 1 liter pack
PHP 99 per box of 4

All available in the market.

TrueTea iced tea with stevia

The Green Stevia sweetener, another product of GX International
A good substitute for your sugar.

Now available in the market.

TrueTea iced tea with stevia

Here's a comparison on how much sugar content you consume when drinking a can of soda.
OMG! 1 can of soda has 330 tsp sugar content!!!

Okay, let's stop drinking soda and shift to natural sweetened drinks.

TrueTea iced tea with stevia

Benefits of TrueTea

1. Rich in Polyphenols (Anti-oxidants) – good for your health.
2. Sweetened Naturally with GREEN STEVIA – no effect on blood sugar levels  safe for diabetics.
3. Added with Vitamin C – for stronger immune system.
4. Low Calorie – 20 calories per serving
6. Healthy Refreshment for you and your family!

TrueTea iced tea with stevia

At the grand launch event at One Tagaytay Place, we met Michelle Estrada of Green Stevia/TrueTea (GX International), her opening keynote made us realize that the beverage we usually patronize contains a lot of sugar substances, and consuming too much of it can trigger the diabetes button in our body, she suggested that we should be aware of the diabetes rate in the Philippines is high and their company is advocating that the country should shift to stevia and practice a healthy living by using natural sweeteners and instead of the common sugar.

TrueTea iced tea with stevia

At the event, they showed us on how they made their product TrueTea Iced Tea with Stevia to be much enjoyable, here they made a cocktail drink fuse with TrueTea Iced Tea with Stevia.

Its good and I love that its not that sweet.

TrueTea iced tea with stevia

At home, I enjoy my bibingka merienda pair with TrueTea Iced Tea with Stevia.
I actually not a fan of iced tea when Im at home, but then I suddenly practice to drink a zero sugar version of it, thanks to TrueTea Iced Tea with Stevia.

Next step is to replace our sugar with Green Stevia sweetener.

TrueTea iced tea with stevia

New York Stevia Cheese Cake

At One Tagaytay Place, Chef Luigi Muhlach the head chef of the hotel and its restaurant, prepared some delicious food fuse with Green Stevia sweetener.

They used the natural sugar and instead of the common white sugar to add sweetness taste to their recipe.

TrueTea iced tea with stevia

American Baked Spare-ribs Coupled with Stevia

TrueTea iced tea with stevia

Roasted Rosemary Brined Chicken Inclusive with Stevia

TrueTea iced tea with stevia

TrueTea Iced Tea with Stevia
check out their FB page - for details, events, promos and announcements

TrueTea iced tea with stevia

I gave some TrueTea products to my blogger friends, and I'm happy to know that our friend Ted Claudio really enjoys the taste of TrueTea Iced Tea with Green Stevia.

Thanks Ted!

TrueTea iced tea with stevia

Thanks also to GX International for introducing the product to us and thanks also to their hotel partner One Tagaytay Place for hosting an overnight stay for me and my family.

TrueTea iced tea with stevia

Im happy to bring my wife and kid with me, its a good educational content for my kid to know about the wonders of Stevia plant.

Btw, I was hunting for a stevia plant for our garden and I have this project that we need to grow this plant in our backyard garden. I guess its time to push the project back to its feet. Now time to hunt some stevia plant sold in Tagaytay.

Btw, you can read my wife's blog post about TrueTea, just visit her blog at

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