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Monday, November 21, 2016

Yoga+ Express Legazpi Makati - Yoga for an hour is the right fix for you in Makati

Yoga session for 60 minutes is good for you, but if you will do it in a regular basis, it will be much better because yoga can help build your stamina, kill away the stress and makes you feel much relaxed, control and develop proper breathing, turn you kinder and happy, relaxes and tones your muscles, heals an injured body and also helps you stay younger.

There are more reasons about doing yoga for 60 minutes in a regular basis, you can read all of it here -- Why Yoga? --

Thanks to our friend Rosan Cruz for inviting us to the opening and launch of their new  Yoga+ Express Legazpi, she and her friends opened a new branch of Yoga+ Express that can cater and invite people in Makati and also who lives around Legazpi village.

It is located in the busy and noisy City of Makati, but by visiting Yoga+ Express Legazpi, you are invited to de-stress and also escape the stressful environment of the big city.

All I know that yoga sessions requires you to enroll in a package session, but having a 60 hour yoga session by just dropping by at Yoga+ Express Legazpi can help you recover fast from your stressful lifestyle.


Yoga+ Express Legazpi is located at the 6th floor of Jose Cojuangco & Sons Bldg in Dela Rosa st.
Legazpi Village, Makati City.


Operators of Yoga+ Express Legazpi
including Rosan.


Pls check out their website and FB page for schedules and also announcements


Inside Yoga+ Express Legazpi


Here are their daily schedules.
Just call them if you like to book a space in any of these yoga sessions


(pic above are c/o Yoga+ Express Legazpi Makati  FB page)

Photos from the launch event


Rosan invited us to try a gong bath
I don't how we can do that, all I did is to follow her voice while we are lying on the yoga floor


Rosan strikes the gong in sync with a yoga music
I can feel the gong's vibration entering my body, mind and soul. I felt relax and felt a relief.
Its a weird feeling for a 60 minutes of gong bath and then you woke up felt rejuvenated.

After a day, I went to my smartphone and downloaded some gong bath apps. But it doesn't do anything good...I felt nothing,I think its better to visit Yoga+ Express Legazpi Makati  and book a gong bath session for stress relief and body rejuvenation.

For me...that's one awesome session. Thanks Rosan!


Blessing the studio of Yoga+ Express Legazpi Makati





Our blogger friends Nicole, Athena, Ara and Lace's classmate were there to support the opening and launch of Yoga+ Express Legazpi Makati


Rosan explaining to us the next session.


Guitars, strings and chants.... this is the moment that I sang with them HARE KRISHAN HARE KRISHNA...

Been dreaming to be part of a chant group..and the tune makes me feel spirited away.



There are parts that I dont understand why we need to feel the warmth of the candle.
Sorry, I wasn't paying attention when the lights we're out.



After the Hare Krishna....we played some drums and beats..doing it with joy and cheer


If you want to have some yoga as part of life, try it here at Yoga+ Express Legazpi Makati.
Beginners are welcome.


Yoga+ Express Legazpi Makati
6:00AM - 10:00PM
119 Dela Rosa Street, Legazpi Village, 6/F Jose Cojuangco & Sons Bldg.
Makati, Philippines
0917 710 9642
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