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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Enrique Gil joins Grips Wax as new celebrity endorser


Enrique Gil, one of the most popular matinee idol in the Philippines surprised us with his announcement for this year - he joined Grips Wax as one of their celebrity endorser, and the good news is that Enrique loves Grips Wax because of its easy to wash feature and also it smells good.

We learned that Enrique Gil's hair is thinner and soft, that gives him a hard time to style it and when using other gel or hair wax brand, he said that there are other brands that are so sticky and oily.  Enrique said that he's glad that he learned about Grips Wax and after some trials, it was perfect for his hair.

Enrique Gil spotlight on TV became more popular after he became the love team partner with Liza Soberano, to this date, they both have movies and 2 top TV series of 2015-2016. Enrique's character on TV drama always sport a different hairstyle, Enrique said that each Tv series convert him into a different character so that viewers won't think about his previous character from another TV drama. Enrique said that his hair style from the TV drama Dolce Amore, labeled as the "Dolce Cut", it was praised by the media as one of the new trend of 2016.

With the help of Grips Wax, he can now do more hair style and wont worry for hair damage.


Here the things we learned about Enrique Gil and his hair story

1. Grips Wax helps Enrique Gil look fresh, he needs it for auditions, he applies Grips even inside the car

2. Dolce Amore TV drama was his memorable moment for 2016

3. His hair is nip and fine, with no hair wax, his hair will drop dead. That's why he need Grips Wax to style and brush up his hair and give more edge. Enrique said that Grips is easy to apply, no need for skills, and its easy to wash it.

4. If your hair get wet, then the Grips Wax will washed away too

5. He doesn't want to be categorized as a high maintenance type of guy or dolled up guy. He prefer to be a low key person.

6. Enrique advises if you want an edgy look, then put your hair up, for classy look-- keep it down.

7. Grips Wax's reason for getting Enrique Gil as their endorser because he is a popular matinee idol, his hairstyle is iconic and a perfect influencer for our youth

8. Enrique Gil uses the Grips Wax Hard and Mat

9. Enrique loves the Dolce Cut - the one with the shaved on the side and with long hair on top

10. During his USA tour with Liza Soberano, there's some instances that Liza do the hair styling and make up to Enrique, reason: there are stylist abroad that are not familiar with Enrique's style. The only one who is familiar is Liza.

prod copy

Grips comes in four different kinds of hair wax, each kind is depend on the hold you prefer for your hair.

They have Grips Wax Hard and Mat, Grips Wax Hard and Shiny, Grips Wax Extreme Hard and Mat and the Grips Clay EasyWash.

Features of Grips Wax to your hair
- Grips is easier to wash off compared to other hair wax/hair clay brands
- Has Pro-Vitamin B5 to nourish the hair
- Plus points for its great scents.
- Good flexible styling
- Doesn't build up

Each jar of Grips Wax is available for 75g and 25g  jar
There's also 5g sachet that is good for 3 uses.

Grips Wax with 75g is priced at PHP 81.75
Grips Clay EasyWash 75g is priced at PHP 84.75

Grips is available in leading groceries, supermarkets, and drugstores in the Philippines.

Enrique Gil at the media event held at B Hotel in Quezon City.


Enrique Gil reveals Grips Wax

Here are some promo materials of Grips Wax x Enrique Gil

Quen Grips Wax Gray 2

Quen with Product

Grips Wax Main



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