Joy Ride Food Truck by Nutri-Asia rolls around the metro to feature new food concept


Me and my family were at the Independence Day celebration in Burnham Green in Luneta Park, its our first time to be there to check out the celebration and also see the bazaar and food booth located at the greeny area of this park.

One kind of food truck caught our eye, The colorful Joy Ride Food Truck, its the most talked about food truck by Nutri-Asia because they feature food and drinks that are made from the products they carry, I didn't even know that Nutri-Asia owns Datu Puti and Mang Tomas, so expect some of the food that are cooked in a Pinoy way.

The Joy Ride food truck roams around the metro to feature their products and also offer food at a very low price, as low as PHP40 up to PHP 80 only. Wow! This food truck is on street food level already offering the cheapest food by a food truck vendor.

So me, my wife Lace and son Ashton took a peak at the food truck and see what kind of food they offer


Locally, blended juice drink

Its my first time to encounter this Locally juice drink. I didn't know that Nutri-Asia is selling this in our local store and I tasted so good and the juice of the fruit tasted so fresh. Not too sweet and the flavor is just right, I feel that there's no added preservative or maybe sugar, that's why its tasted so good and refreshing.


For me, my favorite Locally juice drink is the Guyabano and Mangosteen.
Im going to hunt this in our local store and buy some bottles.


Here are the food offered by Joy Ride food truck.

Featuring a re-imagined or re-construct version of our favorite pinoy dishes.

1. Datu Puti Adoborito
PHP 60 - solo meal
PHP 80 - with Locally drink

2. Fried chiken slider
PHP 60 - solo
PHP 80 - with Locally drink

3. Siga bagnet wrap
PHP 60 - solo
PHP 80 - with Locally drink

4. Skinny Chix
PHP 40 - solo
PHP 60 - with Locally drink

Among the four kinds of food offered by the Joy Ride food truck, my fave is the Fried chicken slider, its so sulit, heavy and I like the taste of the chicken fillet in my slider burger.

According to Dang de Leon, corporate marketing consultant at Nutri-Asia Inc., the food truck goes around the metro serving reimagined local food fare. “We tweak classic Pinoy comfort food to make the taste more appealing to millennials,” she explains, saying that the brand has partnered with GalaStars Culinary, which is headed by renowned chef Ernest Reynoso Gala, “because they know what young people want.”


At the Independence Day celebration, The Joy Ride food truck did some side shows like having a cheering squad stunts and this guy dressed up as the Datu Puti mascot

Also at site, we met our brave soldiers and rescue units. They also brought their gears and large tanks to show to the people their tools to defend and protect us.

My son Ash enjoys seeing the tanks and real machine guns used by our AFP. Also we met them and they are very friendly.


It was scorching hot at Luneta Park, we're glad that Joy Ride by Nutri-Asia is here to sell us good food and refresh ourselves with a nice cold blended juice drink

Watch out for this food truck in some local events, festivals, universities and even weekend food events around the metro.