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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Watch Sun Life's Sun Shorts film to learn the importance of life insurance


When I started having a family in 2009, I didn’t get the idea first to invest on life insurance,  but it was not yet late to get one and I thank my wife for exploring and understanding the terms, policy and importance of these insurance.  She shared to me and explained why we need this and what benefit we can get.

My application to get a Sun Life Fit and Well, a life and health protection took me a week to decide to get one and when it was launched, my wife was on a hurry to get me on board. Thanks to our Sun Life agent for the assistance and explaining to us why we need it, Imagine what if I didn’t listen and suddenly I got sick and died...this will bring more burden to my family,  because I can no longer support them and left only some money in my bank that can't support them for a long term.

This month of June, Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) launched  a 3 webisodes of short film called SUN SHORTS in line of their 4th Financial Independence Month this June. A series of short film that targets the millennials, the single, the newly married, the solo parent and old people, its a short film that shows the real life situation of an individual and what benefit they get if ever they have Sun Life insurance, there are lots of Sun Life product insurance are available and these are shown and explain on each short films.

But the short films can mirror a different side of story, its up to the audience to take both sides and decided  on the fate of the characters on each short films – what if they are on board with Sun Life, or what will happen to them if they are not  a policy holder of any Sun Life insurance. Its a a short film that will give you an answer and question. We’re sure that the short film will show the positive side of it but the negative side will be up to you to – imagine the financial burden left to the remaining loved one.

SUN SHORTS will launch one short film every Wednesday at Sun Life’s Facebook page and its official website and after that there will be a series of video reaction to be posted on Sun Life’s Facebook page featuring their celebrity ambassadors, friends and a Sun Life agent to shed more light about the story, get reactions from the celeb and their friends and explain about the policy given by each insurance.

The 1st SUN SHORT titled “Waves” was launched last June 7 and this will be followed by the video reaction episode on June 10. It was voted as the best SUN SHORTS film by the media during its launch and we gave a nod because mostly present are millennials inside the launch event. And the film targets the millennials or the YOLO people (you only live once).

SUN SHORTS was first launched last 2012, it got the same concept to promote Sun Life’s insurance products, the story is very entertaining and can it play on your emotions when you watched it. The 2012 SUN SHORTS receive recognition and awards by international award giving bodies, but for this 2017 SUN SHORTS Im sure it can receive again more recognition because it is even more better and it can easily capture your heart if you ‘re done watching it.

Here are the 3 SUN SHORTS for 2017

A surfer meets office girl of the YOLO generation and how they prepared for their upcoming business
directed by Zig Marasigan

 She Said, She Said

A solo mom and daughter story
directed by Nic Reyes

Happily married old couple, but what if the other couple’s energy got lost, how to be happy again?
directed by Mihk Vergara

Each films will have its own video reaction leaded by Sun Life’s celebrity ambassadors. For “Waves” short film a video reaction will be discussed by Matteo Guidecelli, For “She Said, She Said”, a video reaction will be discussed by Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, and for the last film “Sayaw” will be discussed by Piolo Pascual.

Each video reaction will explain the importance of Sun Life insurance products such as the Sun Life Fit and WellSun Life’s Pro Family Accident Insurancemutual funds and etc.

They do these kind of short films in order to communicate well to different demographics, because some of us are not aware how important of these insurance because according to Sun Life.

1. 9 out of 10 Pinoys experience financial shortage
2. 90% of Pinoys are worried if a breadwinner will die or suffer a grave illness
3. To pay for medical treatment, 50% will rely on their spouse's income
4. 40% are insufficiently prepared to fund their children's education

Its scary to read and I accept that I am part of those who experience financial shortage, but Im a bit relax now because Sun Life is at my back, all I need to do is to work properly and pay for the terms so that the policy is active while Im still alive.

Sun Life help's Filipinos to get out of that "kakapusan mentality" and thanks to them for creating this SUN SHORTS to talk to us why we should learn how to save and invest for the future using other means and aside from our active income.

Watch WAVES here

Also they are launching a contest for one lucky viewer...
1. Watch the SUN SHORTS on Sun Life's FB PAGE
2. Tag a friend
3. Share your thoughts in the comments of the SUN SHORTS page post

Winner to receive an all expense paid trip for two to Tokyo, Japan
Promo period- June 7-30, 2017

So click on the links below to watch the SUN SHORTS

episode -

Also to learn more about Sun Life’s products visit

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