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Monday, June 12, 2017

FREE high speed WIFI in our MRT stations in EDSA launched today June 12, 2017

The information leaked days before the initial launch and this triggered a lot of excited for us Pinoys who want to take the advantage of the FREE WIFI in 13 MRT stations in EDSA.  The big news is that the FREE WIFI is now offered and launched today June 12, 2017, Independence Day, it is a project of DICT with our local telco to offer 30 minutes of FREE WIFI to all inside the MRT station.

The info posted at revealed all the details we need about the FREE WIFI, the project was dubbed as Alay Para sa Malayang Pilipino , a project of the Duterte administration to provide Wi-Fi access in selected public places throughout the country.

We’ve been wishing for this for so many years and we experienced in other countries that FREE WIFI in public places and park are very helpful for us travelers and tourist.  There are many attempts of FREE WIFI in the sidewalks of Manila, but the speed is not that so fast.

GLOBE in the other hand was first to launch a high speed FREE WIFI called GO WIFI a year ago in in 1,000 location and establishments like cafe, restaurant, malls and parks, its a FREE one hour high speed internet and you can extend your surfing by purchasing a load. But its so rare to find the GO WIFI that lets you extend, all I can see now at the malls and cafe offers the high speed FREE one hour WIFI, but its good to see that some cafe like Starbucks in Ayala malls offer unlimited GO WIFI internet for the public but with a cap speed up to 2-3mbps. (read more about GO WIFI)

According to an article from Globe -- "This developed as Globe partnered with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) for the EDSA WIFI project which aims to provide high-speed internet connectivity throughout the 24-kilometer stretch of EDSA.  DICT is targeting to reach over 13,000 public places across 145 cities and 1,489 municipalities nationwide."

Our blogger friend Karina, tagged us at her blog post at and she revealed the super high speed internet of SMART installed in Shaw blvd MRT. She showed a Speed Test rate of 152 mbps download stream and  a 131mbps upload stream on her smartphone. This shows that the FREE high speed internet is very reliable but take note that it depends on your smartphone’s processor to get that same speed. If you use an old smartphone, expect to receive up to 20mbps, but for the latest smartphones with higher specs, expect to get at least 100mbps download stream.

Same as the Globe GOWIFI, the Smart free wifi internet available in our MRT stations in EDSA can also extend your surfing by purchasing a load – Im not sure if it require you to use SMART or if its available for GLOBE.

Im not available today to visit the MRT  station, but I will post a review once I’ve tested this myself.
For those who are at the MRT station, enjoy the FREE high speed internet regulated by our government, and pls use the FREE WIFI with care and responsibility.


Pls next is --- public place, parks, school and palengkes
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