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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Gold Seas - new brand of tuna chunk meat in a can (feat. Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano)


For people who love to eat healthy food, here's another addition to your  grocery list in your next supermarket visit.

Last July 26th, General Nutrifoods Philippines, Inc.,  launches their new product -- Gold Seas, a new brand of tuna with chunky Yellowfin tuna meat sealed in an easy open can.

Its a new player in the canned tuna business and its now trending after its launch because of its chunky meat slices in a can mixed with different kinds of gourmet flavor.

Gold Seas Tuna Chuks comes in different gourmet flavors. It depends on you for the kind of flavor in your plate, you can enjoy the tuna chunks without the skills of cooking!

Flavors are: Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil, Olive Oil with Chili, Springwater, Tuna Chunks in Herb and Garlic, Lemon and Pepper and Mild Indian Curry.

Gold Seas Tuna Chunks is available in all leading supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores and are offered in 90g (solo) and 185g (sharing) variants.

Here's some info about Gold Seas tuna chunks

- Its real, pure and meatier than other brands
- Chunks are big cuts of tuna with retained muscle structure hence making it compact and meatier than flakes.
- rich in Omega 3 and protein
- the company behind Gold Seas practice responsible fishing
- Responsibly fished means that no Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) were used during the catching.
- Dolphin safe and HALAL certified
- Yellowfin tuna are a top tuna meat and has a firm texture and mild taste and smell (not fishy or malansa)
- The easy open can tab is found at the bottom to prevent the the can be exposed to dirt and dust, so that the dirt wont go into your food when opened.
- Gold Seas Tuna Chunks is made only from the loin of premium tuna.
- Gold Seas Tuna Chunks is produced in
General Santos City, Philippines by one of the biggest local tuna exporters
- SRP PHP 54 for 185g and PHP 62 for the other variants


Olive Oil with Chili


Mild Indian Curry

--- my fave!


Lemon and Pepper


Chunks in Springwater
- for those who prefer a no flavor version


The easy open can of Gold Seas


"Gold Seas Tuna Chunks undergo a strict canning process and is packed in lithograph cans to ensure that it is as tasty as it looks. The world-class tuna product only uses responsibly caught tuna to help preserve marine life for future generations."

-- Good job!! Gold Seas!!!


I did a quick taste test and here's my Gold Seas Tuna Chunk Mild Indian Curry as a based meat for my pasta. The taste and flavor is just right, and the flavor didnt over powered the taste of the chunky tuna.


I've tried also using them as my "ulam" for lunch and the taste is so good. It tasted that it came from a kitchen that is freshly cooked by a chef.


At the event launch Chef Rosebud Benitez  and Japanese-certified bento box maker Kat Maderazo  did showed us on how we can do more with a Gold Seas Tuna chunk. My blogger friends Myke and John were there to help the demo and they showed to us that you can mix some ingredients to make your food more tastier with a Gold Seas tuna chunks

We also got first dibs of their first TV commercial


Here's a screen cap








Revealing at the mid part of the TVC -- we saw Toni Gonzaga as their endorser and then her husband Paul Soriano joined the screen

Gold Seas also revealed that they are the official brand endorsers


Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano


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