SOFITEL MANILA brings the exotic flavors of INDIA at Spiral this September 2017


Sofitel Manila in collab with The Embassy of India are here to feature and offer the exotic flavors of India at Spiral Manila from September 11-17, 2017. The monthly food special is inline with the Sofitel Manila's Flavors of the World Culinary Series. Also the flavors of India special is also an extension to celebrate India's independence day last August 2017.

Spiral Manila's inhouse Indian Master Chef Halim Ali Khan will be the chef in focus as he will  present 30+ Indian food for September. Pls see the dates below and check out which food will be available for September.

I think this will be the largest and biggest food special to offer by Sofitel Manila, its my first time to see a wide selection and if you love one dish, you might go back to taste it on a given schedule by the Indian master chef.


Spiral special rate is at PHP 2,600nett per person for Lunch and then for dinner the special rate is at PHP 3,100nett per person.

For inquiries and reservations, please call +63 2 832 6988 or email

Chef Halim Ali Khan (1)

Spiral’s Indian Master Chef Halim Ali Khan will be at these Flavors of India events to showcase and teach some North Indian cuisine. Also some of the Indian food are also available at Spiral.

Read the details below if you are interested to join a cooking class and a Chef's table set up with Chef Halim

Flavors of India events in Spiral

Cooking Class | 12 September 2017 | Davao and Boracay Show Kitchen at 4pm
Put your chef’s hat on and experience a culinary adventure from the other side of the kitchen counter. Chef Halim presents this culinary demonstration where participants will learn to make classic Indian recipes: Chicken Korma and the traditional Indian snack, Onion Pakora enjoyed with tamarind chutney. Rate is set at Php 1,500 nett per person. Limited seats available. Kindly book early to guarantee participation and slot.

Chef’s Table featuring Chef Halim Ali Khan | 14 September 2017 | Davao and Boracay Show Kitchen at 11.30am
Witness Chef Halim Ali Khan in action at the exclusive Chef’s Table as he prepares signature Indian dishes right before your very eyes. Experience an exclusive dining engagement featuring a 3-course menu including Kebab Platter, Indian Thali (platter) with dal, paneer, chicken, lamb and chapatti, and Gajar Ka Alwa. Rate is set at Php2,600nett per person. Limited seats available. Kindly make your reservations early to guarantee seating.

Onion Pakora with tamarind chutney Chicken korma

For the cooking class, Chef Halim will be teaching you how to make a
1) Onion Pakora with tamarind chutney from the region of Maharashtra, Karnataka
and Andhra Pradesh

2) Chicken korma from North India


Inside Spiral Manila


Indian Atelier

The Indian Atelier is my fave section at Spiral. Im a fan of Indian food and I always go here to get some of my fave rogan josh, mutton curry and beef rendang. The taste is authentic and thanks to Spiral's Indian chef for bringing it here closer to us.


That cylindrical thing is a clay oven, they call it the tandoor clay oven. There's a lot of heat inside and they use it cook your favorite chapati and tandoori chicken.

And also they use it to cook the naan bread and chapati.


If you are a first timer for Indian food, then dont worry, a pinoy chef at the Indian Atelier will be there to help you. Just ask them what's on the buffet table and they can assist you and select the best taste of Indian food.

The Indian food are not too spicy, the chefs want to balance the real taste of the food and its your option if you want to add more spicy and chili powder to adjust the spicy level according to your preference. Some of the 7 spices of India are available on the buffet table, so feel free to use it for your taste pleasure.



The front counter of Spiral Manila is decorated with all Indian theme. Its a colorful set up that will let you appreciate more about India. This is in collab with The Embassy of India and they are here to present to you the culture of India.

Elephant figurines, flowers, candles, shiny designs and red carpet and also a statue of Lord Ganesha is also featured here to introduce their deity who is known as the god of new beginnings and remover of obstacle  .



Main spices used for Indian food are also featured and I'm amazed already to see a real cinnamon bark. We usually see cinnamon powder for the flavoring of some food and for our cinnamon roll, but seeing it in tree bark form is very rare, because cinnamon trees can only be found and harvested in India and the country is our top producer of cinnamon in the world.




The Embassy of India also invited an Indian fashion curator to present some of modern and traditional clothing from India.

Also the staff and crew at the welcome area of Spiral are all dressed up in Indian fashion.

There are 30+ Indian dishes that will be featured here at Spiral. Im so lazy to write them all but I will do my best to share what I've tasted and also the upcoming Indian flavors to be available on a specific date.


First they served us this cold drink, its a mango and yogurt shake drink. I forgot what its called, but I enjoyed the taste and its very refreshing.


Best to pair it to an Indian appetizer -- Sev Puri, its a popular Indian snack that uses pieces of crunchy noodles that are made from chickpea flour paste, turmeric, cayenne and wrapped with a Puri, a deep fried Indian bread.


Here are the Indian food at the Indian Atelier at Spiral Manila. Take note that the food changes on a specific date:

Gosht rogan josh sept 11-12
Rogan Josh

September 11-12
Yahkni Pulao
Chana dal tadka
Palak paneer
Gosht rogan josh
Achari Jhinga
Aloo gobi adraki
Vegetable samosa
Chicken tikka
Shrimp tandoori
Chicken/paneer kathi roll
Rice kheer
Boondi ladoo

Crab sukha fry sept 13-14
Crab Sukha Fry

September 13-14
Kashmiri pulao
Dal makahani
Paneer pasanda
Nargisi kofta curry
Crab sukha fry
Kadhi pakodi
Dal Kachori
Zafrani tangdi kebab
Achari paneer tikka
Pav bhaji
Semiyan kheer, 

Chicken vindaloo sept 15-17
Chicken Vindalo

September 15-17
Prawns masala rice
Rajmah masala
Methi malai kofta
Chicken vindaloo
Goan prawn curry
Bhindi sukhem
Galouti kebab
Pomfret fish fry
Chicken cafreal
Masala puri bhaji
Gajar halwa
milk cake

Masala fried prawns sept 11-17 millisime
September 1-17 at Spiral and Club Millsesime
Pass around food
Masala fried prawns
Chicken 65
Tandoori fish tikka
Chilli paneer
Aloo papdi chaat
Sev puri
Spicy egg pakora


Rajmah masala
It is the dish of Kidney beans simmered in a spicy onion tomato masala till the beans are soft and favourful.


Aloo gobi adraki
Potato-cauliflower, a combination of two beloved vegetables cooked together with some simple spice (ex. Curry).



Vegetable samosa
It is a fried or baked pastries with a savoury filling (Potato and green peas)


Tandoori chicken


Gosht rogan josh
It is an aromatic lamb dish simmered with Indian spices and yoghurt for a long time to be tenderized.


Palak paneer
Paneer is a fresh cheese common in South Asia. It is an unaged, acid-set, non-melting farmer cheese  made by curdling heated milk with lemon juice,  vinegar, or any other food acids. The Paneer is served in a thick paste made from puréed spinach and seasoned with garlic, garam masala, and other spices.


Naan bread






Indian Spices


Chicken vindaloo
It is an Indian curry dish popular in the region of Goa. It is served with chicken or lamb, which is sometimes mixed with cubed potatoes.


Saffron fried rice with roasted chicken



Gulab Jamun



I didn't know that the Indian atelier will offer you to use these stainless small bowl. I've been visiting this Indian buffet at Spiral and I didn't noticed that we can use these stainless bowl for our Indian food.

So I used two small stainless bowl and pour some lovely yummy lamb meat and spicy chicken. I just remembered when I dined in an Indian restaurant in Malaysia, they served our food using these stainless bowl.


I also grabbed some Palak Paneer for my roti, chapati and naan bread. OMG! the roti is so good and I believe I got addicted to it.


If you are not yet familiar with Indian food, you can try a slice of any bread - roti, naan or chapati and use it to dip into any sauce of your food, and then eat it right away while the sauce is hot.

For no-rice eaters, then this is perfect for your diet.


My dessert --- white dragon fruit and some longgan

Spiral Manila offers a lot of fruits for dessert. You can cross over at the other side of Spiral's cheese room for the wide selection of desserts


The Rhum gelato is not offered on that day, so I grab a mocha ice cream and top with lots of crush almonds and nuts



Wow! that was an awesome culinary exploration at Spiral's Flavors of India. The food special will be available from Sept 11-17, but even if its the end of the food special promo , you can still visit the Indian Atelier in Spiral anytime, they still offer some of the food every day, so visit it while you are at Spiral.