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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The secret to drinking fine whisky

Ask a group of whisky lovers on the proper way to drink whisky and you’ll probably get a dozen dos and don’ts on how you can best enjoy your drink. Some whisky connoisseurs would harp on the Jim Murray method of drinking the alcoholic beverage unadulterated while paying no attention to the first mouthful and instead chewing their way to the drink’s flavors while savoring the second mouthful. While other whisky lovers would insist on the importance of nosing and diluting their drink with water. The truth of the matter is, there is no right or wrong way to taste whisky. What’s important is that you are able to fully enjoy each drop of this liquid sunshine.

Making the most out of a Glencairn of whisky is quite easy. Everyone from whisky enthusiasts to first-time drinkers can effortlessly intensify their whisky tasting experience if they only put all of their senses to use.

Here’s how:
See gold with your sense of sight. Whisky comes in a variety of hues depending on how and where it was distilled or blended. Some whiskies have a light yellow or gold tinge, which is similar to white wine. Other blends lean towards a heavy red or dark varnish color that is almost akin to chocolate.

A nose for liquid sunshine.
Before you attempt to smell your sample of whisky, it’s best that you warm your glass with both hands. Cup the Glencairn or whisky glass in your hand for a few minutes so that the molecules in the whisky will soften and expand, releasing layers of aromas. After doing this, you may or may opt not to add a drop of water you before swirling the liquor and get a whiff of your drink. Don’t be surprised if you recognize certain scents, recall various memories or identify more than one or two scents. Some of the typical aromas found in whiskies are woody, fruity, peaty and floral.

A touch and taste of goodness.
Your sense of touch and taste come into play at almost the same time. Once the liquor touches your lips, tongue, and gums you immediately get a mouthfeel or gustatory perception if the whisky is light, medium or full-bodied. Your palate will also tell you if the flavors are sweet, salty, bitter, medical, smoky or spicy. The lingering aftertaste, whether it is long, fleeting or even unpleasant, is called finish.

Sounds delicious. When you’re at a whisky tasting party, it’s often better to listen and share your experiences with your peers. This will heighten your experience and expand your knowledge of this fabulous drink.

To help fine-tune the Philippine market’s understanding of whisky, Grand Cru Wines and Spirits will hold a mentorship program wherein chosen students from select universities will have a chance to gain in-depth knowledge on how whisky is produced, intimate cocktail drink making sessions and whisky tastings. Student-participants will have a chance to collaborate and compete with their mentors in a live on-stage cocktail making competition.

This mentorship program also serves as the jump-off point for Whisky Live Manila 2017, the country’s most anticipated whisky tasting and sampling event that will be held on October 20 to 21, 2017 at the Shangri-La Hotel at the Fort at Bonifacio Global City. It will host to several premium whisky brands including the award-winning Kavalan whisky from Taiwan and hold intimate talks on whisky appreciation from renowned experts. The event is made possible with the following partners:, Magic 89.9’s Boys Night Out, BloombergTV,, and

So prime your senses, grab your Glencairn and book your tickets now to the flavorful liquor sampling event of the year. For more information, log on to

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