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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

SEDA HOTEL NUVALI - family staycation on a long weekend


After I arrived home from a 4 day trip in Cebu. My wife Lace told me that we should have a family staycation for the upcoming long weekend. Then she told me that there's this booking site that sell a much more affordable hotel rate. So we checked that booking site and I gave a go signal that we should book again at Seda Hotel Nuvali for a Saturday-Sunday staycation.

My wife and son already stayed there before and I wasn't able to join because Im always out of town. Im so interested to stay there at Seda Hotel Nuvali because my son enjoyed the swimming pool and also the outdoor activity available around Nuvali.

The hotel location in Nuvali is also good because there's a mall and restaurant near it.


Seda Hotel Nuvali is located near the Evo Living center of Nuvali, and other civic establishment. The mall is at the other side of the street and the restaurants are located near the lake and its a walking distance from the hotel.

For a rate of PHP 4,500, we got the room for an overnight stay for the three of us.
2 adults and one child, plus with free breakfast.



I let my wife organize everything and she did the online booking and got the confirmation 2 days before our check in.  When we arrived at Seda Hotel Nuvali on a Saturday, I noticed that the hotel is so busy and lots of guest are coming at around 12nn.

The most disappointing part is that they didn't helped me carry our luggage and bags even if they saw me already asking for help. I think they only have one hotel lobby boy to help the incoming guest. So I carried my stuff and started to walk into their hotel door, they've noticed me coming in, Im so angry that they serviced first the people who have bigger cars who arrived right after us. I really hate that we weren't taken care of first, and we know that this is a first come and first serve basis.


But I forgive them, maybe because the hotel lobby boy is just new or maybe the security guard on their door doesnt even mind to help a guy who doesn't drive a bigger car.



So we arrived in our room smoothly and the hotel lobby boy helped transferring our luggage and bags to our room


Here's our DELUXE ROOM with Twin Bed
Overnight stay rate is at PHP 4,500 with free breakfast


Here's a walkthrough of our room
That's my office station


40 inches LED TV on the wall. The hotel room is more spacious when they use a wall mounted type for the TV.

That spacious area is now a play area for my kid.


Digital controller for the air conditioner.
The cold temperature is the best!!! so Im always setting this to 19 or 18 when we are inside the room. I turn it off whenever we go out and also before we take a shower.


Coffee and tea making area


The bath robe
Hotels who offers bath robe for their guest is the best!!! I always use this whenever I want to visit their pool. No need to use towels and you wont walk on wet swim wear when you walk away from the pool to the lobby elevator up to your room.


Hotel slippers


A letter for their guest...some thank you and lots of appreciation
Thanks Seda Hotel Nuvali.


I just hope that this is a real burger on my hand! ahaha
We are tempted to order some food, the pricing of the food is just "okay", but then we decided to eat dinner at their restaurant just to have a much better hotel experience.


This is the most hard part when there are two beds and there's three of us.
I was bullied by these two and they want me to sleep at the long sofa near the window.
I told them NO WAY!!! ako kaya nag bayad nito hotel. kaya dapat ako sa bed haaha

And that's the I tried to convinced this little boy that he should be sleeping beside her mom. I have to find other way to trick this kid hahaha


Time to fix my office, it took me 15 minutes to place all my stuff on that table and started charging all cameras and gadgets.


It rained so hard that afternoon and we are locked in safely in our hotel room. So we did some 2-3 hour siesta and I got busy blogging on my office desk. We turned off the lights and let the room cool us down from the humid and hot weather outside.

Thank goodness that Seda Hotel Nuvali is weather proof! I opened the window and I didnt noticed that the rain is already gone.


Here's our bathroom --- sorry no bath tub. I think the bath tub is available only for CLUB ROOMS


Bath room essentials....the most important item inside the room


Im vlogging our experience, so watch out for the video at my Youtube channel
head over to

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I brought my Globe Home Prepaid router as my 2nd option to use a fast internet. There are times that the high speed internet inside our room start to go slow, so if ever I experienced a sluggish hotel internet, I just plug my Globe Home Prepaid router, the add PHP20 load for a 1 hour high speed LTE internet, then connect all my devices and enjoy my own high speed connection.

I always bring this with me when I travel around. Super reliable always when internet in hotel and cafe are so slow.


Ashton brought all of his Transformers Rescue Bot toys, we played some diorama battle
and shoot a vlog about it.



Time to go swimming!!!!
We're so ready for this and the reason why my family went back here is because the swimming pool is nice,clean and very kid friendly.

I heard that wearing two piece bikini or super sexy bikini for girls are not allowed. Im not sure if that's a rule. My wife mentioned this to me. So if you are into wearing rash guard for swimming then Seda Hotel Nuvali is the best place for you!!


At the left: the shower rea
At the right: the restaurant of the hotel


There's a life guard on stand by for the entire day. They are super strict and they blow whistle if  a child is left unattended or someone is playing rough in the pool.

Good job Seda Hotel Nuvali for the life guard on duty


Swimming pool at Seda Hotel Nuvali


The adult pool


The kiddie pool


Me before I take a plunge. I first thought that it was cooler, but it was okay.


My family also love the kiddie pool. Its so kid friendly and safe for big kids and toddlers. But they let small kids to wear vest when go swimming.


Me doing the torpedo swimming style!
Pang olympics na ito haha


A sore arm after an hour of breast stroke hahah


Ashton at the other side of the pool


My wife Lace ready to dive and paddle around the pool


Lots of kids were on the kiddie pool, so me and my wife are watching our son play with other kids.
Ashton brought some toys at the pool he shared with it with his new kiddie friends.


Here's the part where Ashton is on my back and we played X-Wing fighter attack at the adult pool.
It was fun and we enjoyed the drama hahaha



My family is right...the best swimming pool for all ages is here at Seda Hotel Nuvali.
Ok na din. My disappointment earlier at the lobby is paid off.



For our dinner, we decided to eat here at MISTO restaurant, the resident resto of Seda Hotel Nuvali. I decided to eat here for an added hotel experience.


The dining area is nice and was quiet and neat. We also got to see the blue hour during sunset in Nuvali, Sta Rosa, Laguna. It was awesome!


There was an acoustic band playing some RnB and love songs for the resto guest and we listened the live music for FREE, sakto lang kasi we are waiting for our food to arrive.


The only problem that I've encountered at MISTO resto is for our food arrived soooooooooooooo late!!! I  think we waited for an hour for our food to arrive...or maybe around 45 minutes....but it wasssss sooooooo depressing.

I guess there were lots of hotel guest ordering some in-room food. Thats why we waited for almost an hour for our food to arrive. Or maybe the chef arrived late.

I dont know what happened, we just wait...glad there's FREE wifi and live music inside the resto. Our food is so simple and they prepared it nearly an hour.

After delivering our food, the resto staff delivered an extra soup just to make up for the late arrival of our meal


But thank goodness!! the food is good and delicious! their Nasi Goreng is the best!!!!
The tastiest kind I've tasted since World Street Food Day in SM MOA.  If ever I will dine again to any MISTO resto in any Seda Hotel, I will only order their Nasi Goreng!


Just to remove the bad luck # 2 --we just enjoyed our food and forgive them for the late food.



After our dinner my son tour me around the gaming lounge inside Seda Hotel Nuvali. Yes they have a gaming lounge. A big room with lots of bean bags, they have 2 PC with internet and 3 TV  with PS4 gaming console.

Hotel guest can use it til 10pm


And here's the moment that we are waiting for..... I brought our duel light sabers from Saber Source and we did our first light saber battle at the garden area of Seda Hotel Nuvali.

It was the best 1 hour light saber duel role play for us hahahaha. Ashton played as a young Jedi and me as that bad and evil Sith Lord.

We broadcast our duel light saber session on Facebook Live and it was fun to play in the dark and with glowing light sabers on our hand.


If you are interested to acquire a duel light saber, then go check out Saber Source at

Here's our recorded Facebook Live!



Getting ready for bed time. Its our bed time tradition that we watch a series of vlog and videos on Youtube. Since we love to do the content on demand, we just browse and watch some entertaining and educational videos and add it in our play list.


I let them watch some vlogs and wait till my son fell asleep.


Actually, both of them fell asleep.... and I did some more blogging stuff til 1am.
I super love the night lights of buildings at the window. Also the lightning in the sky also add more drama that night.

I fell asleep at 1am and enjoyed their super comfy bed

Yun ang bed na gusto ko. Yung parang kinakain ka ng bed sa sobra lambot hahaha.



For our breakfast, we went back to Misto resto for our free breakfast. I know that the breakfast buffet might be like a war zone, because all of their guest will be there at the resto and it will be like a tug of war for the bacons, hot dogs and eggs.

Im glad that they replenish the buffet so fast. So we ate our breakfast at around 9am.
Yup! we woke up late that morning.



I just ate one plate that morning...Im still sleepy pa kasi
But the breakfast food is good and we're lucky that we got a table for us when we arrive.



We went around the Nuvali Lake and did some walkathon and exercise. That's the only thing you can do whenever you are here in Nuvali.

1. Walk
2. Run
3. Ride a bike
4. Have a picnic
5. Have a selfie moment
6. Enjoy the sun
7. Do vlog
8. and be annoyed by security guards of Nuvali


Me and my family are so happy because it was a great sunny day. So I was vlogging with my DSLR camera talking about our awesome staycation and adventure around Nuvali.

So I stop and told them that we should take a selfie with that lake and that boat.



After taking a selfie photo--- these two Nuvali security bug me and told me that DSLR camera are not allowed to use in Nuvali... I said WTFFFF to them and I told them to show me some proof and a signage about the prohibition of using a DSLR camera.

I decided to test them because there are times security guards will power trip on you and because f their intervention it ruined already our happiness in Nuvali.

So guard number 2 showed the prohibition guidelines through his mobile phone. So I told them the policy is BS and I told them..I will stop using my DSLR and I will never go back here again.

Hay..ganda pa naman ng Nuvali, tapos bawal ang DSLR camera.. pero pucha I saw some people are using DSLR camera sa kabila and hindi naman sinita.. BAD TRIP!!


My wife got mad at me because Im so pissed off with the guards and I even challenge them to show proof na bawal ang DSLR. and the two guards decided to stop the argument. Ok I will stop using my DSLR. But I want them to tell other people around Nuvali that DSLR camera are not allowed..But still I see lots of people using DSLR and other security guards didnt even bother to tell them to stop using the camera. and my son bought na lang some ice cold Slurpee cool us down.
We decided to go back to the hotel and wait til the time of our check out.

Seda Nuvali Tip for hotel guest
1. Dont use your DSLR camera when you are outside the hotel
2. Dont use your DSLR in taking photo when in Nuvali complex
3. Dont use your DSLR as your vlogging camera
4. Use your smartphone instead.
5. Just avoid going to Nuvali and just stay inside the hotel. Mas ok pa and you are safe!



So I stopped doing vlog after the here are some aftermath scene of our check out from Seda Hotel Nuvali



We ate lunch at Santouka


Ashton played some games at Timezone



Then we went to Evia Vista Mall to try some flavored shaved iced dessert.




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