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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Digital Walker's Christmas Comes Early Sale this Oct 6-8


The craziest and much awaited tech and gadget sale is back!!!

Save the date - Oct 6-8, 2017 at the SM Megatrade Hall 3 for the Digital Walker's Christmas Comes Early Sale. Expect all items on sale up to 70% off!!!

It was my 1st time last year and I'm surprised to see the super low prices of items at the sale event of Digital Walker. This coming Friday, get ready to line up early and dont forget to bring your wallet!

Join their FB event page for more dibs!


Lots of items are on sale
- smartphone casing
- screen protector
- power banks
- bluetooth keyboards
- earphones
- headphones
- design centric kitchen items
- camera bags
- portable speakers
- camera tripod
- camera lens
- camera accessories
- smartphone accessories
- and many more


Here's my shopping haul from 2016
- Crumpler trolley bag  PHP 1.7k
- Crumpler sling bag PHP 795
- Clamcase Bluetooth Keyboard - PHP 200
- Tablet wall mount - PHP 200
- 3D screen sticker filter - PHP 100
- iPad mini screen protector PHP 100

read my blog post from 2016 -

More items on sale...and here are some list:

Car accessories
A phone accessory like the MagicMount from Scosche is a godsend for every city driver, whether they need to navigate traffic, take a hands-free phone call, or even enjoy the roadside selfie. MagicMount is an award-winning magnetic mounting system for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices on different surfaces, with a 360-degree design.

For cameras, RoadEyes recSMART offers more than the usual dash camera. With a built-in GPS, Wi-Fi and wide angle camera, RoadEyes recSMART seamlessly connects to smartphones and records driving journeys in full high 2K definition, as soon as the engine is turned on. It has a 140 ̊ viewing angle for maximum visibility, capturing a wide view of roads, events and landscapes, and takes both photos and videos simultaneously and saves them in the micro-SD card.


This year, headphone fans will get a kick out of Digital Walker’s offerings, with deals on headphones suited to each lifestyle and preference.

If you’re looking for a sleek, compact and inexpensive headphone, Urbanears Plattan lets you listen to music fashionably. It comes in a vast array of color options and will work with music phones thanks to an integrated mic and call answer button.

Motorola Verve Loop+ redefines wireless listening, with a Bluetooth range of about 150 feet. These wireless stereo earbuds are super light, perfect for high impact activities, and are IP57 water and sweat proof to hold strong during your most intense workouts - indoors or outside.

This year, Coloud provides great steals for two of their headphones: Knock and Pop. For those who don’t like the discomfort earbuds provide will enjoy Knock, an ultra-lightweight headphone that’s ergonomically designed to provide non-stop comfort while listening to your favorite tunes.

Meanwhile, those concerned with uninterrupted listening ought to check Pop, a highly durable headphone that you can bring with you wherever to go. Its direct sound and powerful bass cancels noise around you, allowing you to focus on your music. The angled ear buds are ergonomically designed to give you a better in-ear fit, and comes with S, M and L replacement caps.

Those serious about their music, concerned with with every speck of detail and precision will love Audiofly, headphones perfected for musicians by musicians. The Audiofly earphones are designed to fit the true audiophile’s lifestyle with a deep love for music, and go beyond just “looking cool”, with crystal clear, rich sound enclosed in vintage-inspired designs.


Portable speakers just won’t do these days. The speakers at Digital Walker offer exceptional portability, along with a host of other features.

Scosche’s BoomBottle is a rugged waterproof wireless speaker that lets you bring it just about wherever. It incudes two 50mm high quality speakers, dual pairing for a robust sound, switchable indoor-outdoor equalization and an internal power bank that lets you recharge your mobile devices.
Those looking for versatility ought to look at Coloud’s The Bang, a portable mini speaker designed to let you listen to your music out loud wherever you are, with a daisy chain jack that creates the multiple speaker sound effect.

Outdoorsy, athletic types who insist on bringing their soundtracks on their adventures better check out the Braven BRV-Pro, a quality portable Bluetooth speaker that is waterproof and compatible with multiple accessories such as GoPro mounts.

Power banks

Ye!! offers great deals for power banks. Those looking for versatility might like the Bubble, a power bank and portable bluetooth speaker in one. Play music through pairing with Bluetooth, or by connecting line-in, with up to 20 hours of continuous playback time. It also has a built-in 2,800 mAh external power bank with a LED indicator.

The Energy Pack power bank comes in a stylish design with a lightning-quick charging speed, smart power detection, and multiple safety protection. Shake it to check the battery status!

For more information, follow Digital Walker on Facebook or on Instagram and Twitter @digitalwalkerph


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