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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

H.I.D. BURGERS invites you to bite a Raclette Cheeseburger


I'm not familiar yet with H.I.D. Burgers, but I think I missed a lot when I haven't tried their popular H.I.D. (Healthy, Irresistibly, Delicious ) flamed grilled gourmet burgers. And I learned some friends and people around me are a fan of their burgers and I just found out so late that they are a haven for anything that is burgers!!!

I've tried and tasted their burgers and I can say that it is really a must try and should not miss it! Especially when they introduce a new way to enjoy your burgers by adding an oozing melted hot Raclette cheese on your HID BLT burger.

When I saw their Raclette Cheeseburger, I can declare that you should eat it if you are totally mad about the events around you. Feeling not okay? lazy or lonely??? then go visit HID Burgers and have fun devouring it in beast mode!


Our visit at HID Burgers was part of my self organized Makati Food Crawl. I'm glad that the nearest branch is in Makati which is located at the area of Caltex gas station along Gil Puyat Ave. corner Pasong Tamo st.

Its funny that I always cross that street and I didn't even noticed them, maybe because of the high rising signs of a fast food joint that's why its hard to notice. But burger fans and HID Burger fans frequently visit them..

ahhahahaha!! now their secret has been revealed and Im happy that I've discovered HID Burgers.



Inside their HID Burgers branch in Makati.
Foodies and burger fans should place a flag here to let anyone know that this homegrown burger joint has built its reputation for its healthy mouthwatering gourmet burgers.


Follow them on Instagram @hidburgersmakati if you are a customer at their Makati branch
For Southerners, this is the only branch that is close to us.


Joining with me for the Makati Food Crawl and a get to know you with HID Burgers
Foodies, Aci of and Athena of


Here's the menu of HID Burgers
The price of their burgers are very affordable. You can choose for a burger patty or a sausage type of burger. Plus you can select which kind of burger variant you want.



Raclette Cheeseburger
PHP 199

Here's the HID Burgers' Raclette Cheeseburger. Its a BLT cheeseburger top with hot melted Raclette cheese. You can also request if you want the melted cheese on top of you twister fries.

I was surprise to see a hot pan of cheese being delivered together with the burger. I thought that I was suppose to pour it over, but Im glad that the HID Burgers staff do it for me...perfectly a nice pour over my BLT cheeseburger!!!


After letting the cheese cool down, I started to do some ocular on where and how should I eat this Raclette cheeseburger


I did a 360 degrees ocular and then I've decided...hey! this is a burger I should eat this with my bare hands.


So I placed the top burger bun and voila!!!!!! I can eat this with my hand and then scrape off those cheese and add it inside to my burger.

For cheese fans and cheese burger fans...this is the ultimate treat! 

Blogger side note:
I admit that I'm not familiar with this raclette cheese, at first I thought it was a mozarella cheese, but then I did some research and learned that a raclette cheese is another kind of cheese made from cow's milk, and they are also called Swiss cheese.

The HID Burgers' Raclette cheeseburger is not yet on the menu, but you can ask the store to make a custom made burger on the spot. I heard that HID Burgers is upgrading their menu list, so watch out for the official announcement, but for now go raclette! with an off-menu order.



Bacon mushroom melt
PHP 140 deluxe
PHP 20 added bacons
PHP 45 added potato wedges

My Makati food crawl mates ordered their own preferred burger. And wow!!take a look of that burger beast!!!

HID Burgers also lets you add more ingredients, for an additional price of PHP20 each add on, you can add more bacons, lettuce, tomatoes, or cheese to you burger.

You can also GO RACLETTE!!! with any HID Burgers, just ask for additional raclette cheese and I heard you are charge with PHP40 for the raclette cheese add on --- I haven't tried it yet, but I will post back here for my 2nd visit at HID Burgers in Makati.


Cheese bomb burger
PHP 140 deluxe
PHP 20 added cheese sauce
PHP 45 added potato wedges

The name Cheese bomb burger clearly shows that they bombarded their burgers with lots of cheese!
Aci ordered this and she want to have more cheese sauce.

Decide if you want the cheese on top of your cheeseburger or pour over on to your bun. Its your choice btw.


Hungarian sausage slices
PHP 150

HID Burgers is popular for office workers who want to gulp some cold beers and munch a pulutan after their shift. Yes HID Burgers serves beer!

I've tried their Hungarian sausage and its a smokey spicey delicious!  A perfect pair for your burgers with fries or potato wedges.


Hot Asian Wings Spicy
PHP 180 - 6 pcs

HID Burgers also offers Buffalo wings!! OMG!! you should try their Hot Asian Wings, its one of their best seller.


Sriracha Wings Spicy
PHP 180 - 6 pcs

But my heart goes to their Sriracha Wings!!! Im a Sriracha fan and I super love the taste and spice of this wings. It will remind you a flavory spice of a Vietnamese food, but after a bite, the spicy flavor will add more flavor to the wings and the hot level will remain for a short period in your mouth.


Classic potato wedges
PHP 135


Thumbs up for HID Burgers!!!
The get to know you session that day made me an instant fan of their food products.
Yes! babalik ako soon!



Here's my ocular to eat this Raclette cheeseburger

vlcsnap-2017-10-10-17h12m01s138 it with my bare hands!!


My 2nd bite!
The cheese wont drip because the cheese cool down already


Thanks for reading my blog post about my HID Burgers dining experience and also a 1st try of their burgers.


H.I.D. Burgers

HID Cainta:
Tel.#: (02) 217-8086
Address: Phoenix Gas Station, Imelda Ave., Brgy. San Isidro, Cainta, Rizal

HID Angono:
Tel #: (02) 633-6447
Address: J&H Building Quezon Ave, Manila East Road, Brgy. San Isidro, Angono,

HID Regaldo Fairview:
Tel.#: (02) 463-6766
Address: Regaldo Highway Fairview, Quezon City (Near AMA Computer School in
front of Satoricon Metal Craft)

HID Marcos Highway:
Tel.#: (02) 696-0648.
Address: D'Lucas Commercial Center, Marcos Highway, Brgy. Masinag, Antipolo

HID City Golf:
Tel. #: 987-4963
Address: City Golf Plaza, Dona Julia Vargas Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

HID Makati:
Tel.#: (02) 215-0427
Address: Caltex Station, Sen. GIl Puyat Ave. (Buendia), Brgy. San Antonio, Makati

H.I.D Burgers Upper Antipolo
Tel.#: ‎(02) 706-4839
Address: Hebron Gas Station
E. Rodriguez Avenue, Provincial Road
Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo City

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