Toy Kingdom warehouse toy sale moves to SMX Convention Center Manila this Dec 15-17


For those who have missed the craziest warehouse sale last month in Megamall, then this is your 2nd chance to grab the latest and brand new toys with a whopping discounts up to 70% off!

Toy Kingdom is back and they've brought the warehouse toy sale in SMX Convention Center Manila, in SM MOA Complex. Get ready and don't forget to bring your wallet and plastic card to purchase and hoard the toys that you plan to give to your kids, inaanak, pamangkin and gift to your self.

Here are some tips that I can share if you plan to visit the public opening this weekend.

1. Be there early, mall hours open at 10am (or at 11am)
2. Get a shopping buddy or tag team partner to help you shop around and push the cart
3. Bring a secured bag for wallet
4. If possible bring a lot of cash
5. Bring your own eco bag
6. Visit the toy aisle with the preferred brand you want to buy
7. If you spot the toy -- grab it and put it inside your shopping cart
8. Collect all toys, then select later
9. If you want to view a review of the toy, use your smartphone and watch some Youtube videos ( I do that sometimes)
10. Target and finish the shopping within 1 hour, so that the line at the counter is short
11. Expect a very very very long line at the counter, so better prepare and bring lots of patience with you
12. There are items that are allowed 1-2 item per person only, just to prevent hoarding
13. Dont bring your kids with you, especially kids riding their stroller
14. Take selfie too  and post it in FB or IG, invite your friends to visit the event
15. At home, take a pic of your haul or make a vlog about it! its fun to share your loot of the day to your friends..and wow!! some of them might be looking for that toy you just bought, you can sell it to them in a regular price ahhahahaha.

Happy Shopping to all!