Island Cove: 20 Years of Giving the Best Getaway and Still Adding More Fun Attractions

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I've been living in Imus, Cavite for 26 years and I still yet to visit Island Cove in Binakayan, Kawit Cavite. Fortunately, I got a chance to visit and experience Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park on its 20th year!

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Started my Island Cove tour riding on the tram, the tram driver's smile and greeting is very welcoming as we proceeded to the Hotel Lobby.

Our first agenda on the tour, the Aviary. It is a newly opened aviary that is home to different kinds of birds like peacocks, ostrich, eagle and many more feathered creatures. There are also cute rabbits that you can feed, a huge Burmese Python you can take pictures with and some turtles swimming by the fountain. Just 50 pesos and you’re in!

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After the Aviary, we went to the Fishing Village to fuel up for the upcoming activities. Walking to the bamboo bridge leading to a hut with the scent of the sea breeze excites you more to a feast prepared by Chef Vill.

They have the Kamayan sets that include mouth watering dishes like the Sizzling Seafood, Sinigang na Bangus, Crispy Pata, Kare-kare, Barbecue Pork Belly Pancit Bihon, Pritong Hito, Bagoong Rice, Lumpiang Sariwa and Leche Flan.

I highly recommend their Bagoong Rice and Sinigang na Lechon! Surprisingly, many order for pork dishes in this fishing village making the pig more desired than the fish. I remembered a funny pic where the pigs were swimming in the sea. There are three sets you can choose from (set B is their best seller!) and the price ranges from 2800 pesos to 3300 pesos (good for 6 to 8 persons).

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We had a satisfying lunch with Sir Gilbert Remulla who’s also with us eating Kamayan style. As the Managing Director of Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park, he shared that Island Cove continually improves their facilities and offerings.

They are also working on their interactive activities inside Island Cove like the go karts, horseback riding and more kid-friendly activities. They want to be a family friendly destination and the easiest escape for families having a short getaway or a long weekend vacation.

Also Island Cove is pet-friendly too! Sir Gilbert was with his furry, wide smiling and Australian Shepard dog Jupiter. Jupiter was a good boy during our lunch at the Fishing Village, he’s so fluffy I want to take him home haha..

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Just nearby the Fishing Village, you can get to the Bayside Deck which is an area of function rooms perfect for events, meetings and parties. It is overlooking the Manila Bay with the Metro landscape. Seeing the view from the window with the leaves of the coconut trees swaying, the island huts and Metro Manila skyline makes you forget the stress of the city and relaxes your mind and be thankful for the sweet escape from the city that Island Cove offers.

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Their rooms are also cozy and clean with beds that can cuddle you to dreamland. The rooms are also complete with TV, bathtub, WiFi, coffee and tea amenities and comes with complimentary breakfast. Some of them have poolside rooms and you can hang out and chill outside your room.

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Island Cove also supports your #BodyGoals with their upcoming challenge to become the biggest weight loser called Fit Club Fitness Journey. They have complete gym equipments that will help you on your wellness journey.

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For your relaxation and pampering needs, go to Island Spa to release the tensions and stress in your body through different kinds of massage, sauna and more pampering sessions to sooth your tired body.

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On this tour, trying go kart was the most fun I have experienced throughout the day! It’s an exhilarating and happy activity especially for group of friends. You get to go around Island Cove on pedal powered go karts or have a race with your friends but of course with caution. For 100 pesos, you can ride these go karts for 15 minutes of fun!

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There’s also a horseback riding session you can try for only 50 pesos in 15 minutes. Have a photo with the horse and ride it along open field.

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Another activity for the kids is the King Crawler which is a vertical urban play structure that kids can climb and play with. It has a colorful rubber flooring for a much safer playground.

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The next activity on the list was seeing mermaids gracefully swim by the Oceania Swim and Splash Park. If you’re dreaming of becoming a Disney princess of the sea flapping your mermaid tail, you’re in luck because they are holding sessions on how to swim like a Mermaid and be Ariel of the Little Mermaid for two hours!

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We ended the day eating a late Merienda at Sangley Point’s Western Cuisine. The dishes served to us were delicious which includes clubhouse sandwich, chicken parmigiana, paella and oven baked pizza. We took our time and enjoyed the stories shared by fellow bloggers at the Alfresco.

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Overall, I really enjoyed touring the facilities and activities inside Island Cove. I was taken by the charm of the place: the sea breeze, the greenery, the warm welcome and smiles of the staff, the interactive activities, the sumptuous feast, the overlooking Manila skyline on the calm Manila Bay and the relax and chill vibe of the place.

What’s great about Island Cove is that it is so near and easily accessible to the Metro Manila peeps. It's just 20 to 30 minute ride from Manila if you’re passing Cavitex. Lucky for me, it’s only a 10 minute commute in a baby bus!

They are currently celebrating their 20 years in the business and they are still adding more attractions to the place and keeps improving on how they give their guest the best escape and getaway. As part of their celebration, they launch several promos:

● Stay for 2 consecutive nights and get 20% off on your second night. Valid for weekday
stays until February 28, 2018.

● For the whole month of February, get 20% off on the entrance fee (P300 kids, P370
adults) at Oceania Swim and Splash Park during weekdays.

● On all weekends of February, avail of free round trip shuttle service from SM City Bacoor
to the Fishing Village during lunch and dinner hours.

● Until March 15, 2018, checked-in hotel guests can get up to 15% discount plus a free
pitcher of iced tea when dining at the restaurants.

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Coverage by: Aaron Nomo
For Azrael's Merryland Blog