Bai Nian Tang Ba opens in Uptown Parade BGC–taste the authentic Shanghai cuisine in Manila


Authentic Shanghai cuisine can now be tasted here in the Philippines, and thanks to the world-famous restaurant Bai Nian Tang Bao for bringing it here via their first restaurant in Manila. Bai Nian Tang Bao Manila restaurant is located at the Uptown Parade in BGC.

Bai Nian Tang Bao is known for serving the authentic Xiao Long Bao, and they are known for its delicious soup of the original Xiao Long Bao and for serving a giant version-- the Giant Tang Bao

Bai Nian, which means "hundred years", Tang Bao means "soup dumpling", it also refers to xiao long bao's recipe that has been around since 1786, and they use the same recipe in their restaurants which is loved by China emperors of the old times.


Bai Ninan Tang Ba is located here in Uptown Parade,  BGC, the restaruant is right infront of the big parking lot facing the Palace Pool Club


Inside Bai Ninan Tang Ba restaurant


All of their dimsum and food are freshly prepared and made from scratch upon your order. But for the special soup for the xiao long bao, they uses a secret recipe and they cook it for 12 hours, it requires them to do a 20 step process to make the xiao long bao, and they will prepare it as soon as you order it.

Just wait for some 15-20 minutes for the freshly hot and cooked xiao long bao with soup inside.

Here’s the menu of Bai Ninan Tang Ba
just click on the photo to read it


If you plan to visit the resto, just prepare a budget  of PHP300 or PHP 500 to up
They have rice toppings meal with a price of PHP215 up. The xiao long bao for 6 pcs is priced at PHP 238, noodles si at PHP209 and for the Giant Tang Bao, prepare a PHP 258 for a piece.

Looking at the price ranges, their price on each food is affordable and take note that you get an authentic flavor of Shanghai when you dine in here at Bai Nian Tang Ba


Table set up
The soup spoon is for your xiao long bao, and the chopsticks is for other food.

The proper way of eating a xiao long bao is via the soup spoon, you need it to scoop the xiao long bao and use the soup spoon to sip the soup from the dimsum.


Crab roe xiao long bao
PHP 288


My xiao long bao after dipping into the sour soy sauce


Giant tang bao
PHP 258


Its a bigger version of the xiao long bao. You need to use a paper straw to sip the soup from the Giant Tang Bao.  Just be careful, the soup is very hot.


The Giant Tang Bao looks like a jumbo size Siopao.


Xiao ming iced tea
PHP 80


Shanghai style fish fillet
PHP 199


Special sticky rice and pork siomai
PHP 138


Shanghai special braised pork
PHP 329


Beef fried rice
(no price yet on menu)


Sausage fried rice
PHP 219


Shanghai scallion oil noodles
PHP 179


Three seafood treasure fried noodles
PHP 229


White fungus broth -- yes this is the dessert


I expect that the food will be more salty and have tons of aromatic scent, but the way they cook maybe they set it for the Filipino taste. But Im not sure if that is really the authentic taste of Shanghai, but to find it out, I have to go to Shanghai, China in order to experience that flavor. But its up to us if we want to add more flavorings to our food, just like the xiao long bao, I love it when I dip it in that sour soy sauce, it adds more flavor when it got mix it in the xiao long bao soup, I also added some chili for more flavor factor.

I enjoyed the food here at Bai Nian Tang Ba, especially the noodles and rice. I just need to adjust myself in using that paper straw for the Giant Tang Bao, its hard to sip a hot soup using a paper straw, maybe next time, I should order a separate plate and place the Giant Tang Bao there and not use the wooden steamer for the dimsum, I will do that just to sip out all the soup from the Giant Tang Bao.

There are a lot of meat and soup inside the Giant Tang Bao, I guess everyone should try this when they visit Bai Nian Tang Ba to experience the joys of sipping soup from a giant dimsum, just be careful on using the paper straw, I suggest use the soup spoon in eating the Giant Tang Bao.

But I love their noodles and rice!!! I will go back here just to enjoy eating it again.