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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Sartin restaurant by Josiah’s Catering now open in Summit Ridge Tagaytay Hotel


I posted a blog post last month about the new venture of Josiah's Catering, their new business expansion now focuses on hotel management and also for food and beverage operation for hotels and resort. To launch their new business under the Josiah's Hospitality Management, they've launched their first ever restaurant -- SARTIN, a Filipino restaurant located inside Summit Ridge Tagaytay Hotel.
The resto concept is simple but special -- They feature the best of Filipino dishes from our three province -- Quezon, Tarlac and Bacolod. Each dishes are treated with Josiah's Catering touches, and we know that Josiah is one of the popular and best caterer for events and weddings here in the Philippines and they are known for the great-tasting food excellent service.

Here’s a backside of the story:

Upholding the supreme quality of food and the world-class service that Josiah’s catering is known for has always been our family’s promise for more than two decades.  And today, Sartin shares the classic and timeless homemade Filipino recipes of our family to everyone – food that grows with us and with a story to tell.

Inspired by the three generations of our family from three distinct hometowns – Quezon, Tarlac and Bacolod, Sartin offers homemade Filipino staple with authentic flavors prepared in traditional way but is given a modern twist and an atmosphere only a Filipino family restaurant can produce.  A place with an ambiance that will entice you to return for the experience and superb homey atmosphere.

At Sartin, you are creating a unique family history every day just by sharing food and eating it together with them.  Good food has a way of bringing families together, and anytime families gather – even to eat – family history is made.  Sartin is a story of life, love and family.

To know more about Josiah’s Catering and its new ventures, visit their website or call (+632) 475-2703.


I went to their official opening and launch, they are located at the ground floor of Summit Ridge Tagaytay Hotel, I learned that they now occupy the same resto location of the previous resto brand, and they remodeled it to give way to Sartin.

Sartin is now the official restaurant for the hotel and everyone can come in here to dine in for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For hotel guest, they go here for their breakfast buffet.


Inside Sartin


Here's the menu of Sartin.
For the price range, a budget around PHP300+ up for one meal or you can set a budget of PHP1,000 for the best seller, that's three dishes and its good for 4-5 person.


Sartin offers the best food from Quezon province, Tarlac and Bacolod. For my case, I love the Bacolod dishes, especially the Kansi soup. For Quezon, the Lengue estofado is a must try!


Table set and menu of Sartin

At the grand opening, they introduced to us first hand their best food of the day.


Pritong Itik (Fried Duck)
PHP 655

Fried duck is one of the specialty from Southern Luzon, the fried black duck is tasty and best serve in deep fried


Sartin Salad
PHP 425


Doughnuts – I think they serve this only at the breakfast buffet


Fried Lechon Ulo
PHP 900+

A deep fried half head of a pig, it is crunchy and meaty, the best part here is is not so oily


Jet's Kare Kare
PHP 545

My new fave of Kare Kare here in Tagaytay, I like their version because of the ox tail and tripe flavor dominates the Kare Kare and not the sweetness just like other Kare Kare versions around the metro and in Tagaytay. The creamy peanut sauce is also good.


Kakanin  - biko and sapin sapin


Pata Humba
PHP 315


Escabeche na isda
PHP 675



A sticky rice filled with lots of meat ingredients is a fave rice recipe from the north and south Luzon


If you are looking for more good-taste Filipino dishes, you have to try and visit Sartin's food from our provinces. No need to travel around to taste the best of Quezon, Tarlac and Bacolod, because the taste they bring on the table is from a long guarded secret recipe of the family who owns Josiah's.

Congrats to your opening Sartin, and see you soon for my birthday visit.
If you have visited Sartin, let me know your thoughts and share to us here what are your fave dishes.
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