Takoyaki Sensei launches Kaisen Takoyaki Seafood Special!


Takoyaki Sensei - a food stall in Bacoor, Cavite that makes the best takoyaki balls in the Philippines recently launched a new variant of takoyaki balls -- the Kaisen takoyaki, a kind of takoyaki packed with lots of seafood meat.

I just received a message tip from their Instagram page that they are now serving a new kind of takoyaki. I got excited when I saw my fave Japanese seafood ingredients added in one takoyaki balls.
You can see at the cover photo above that the Kaisen takoyaki balls are added with large octopus tentacles, a large chunk of crab stick and also shrimp.

 Imagine the taste and also the heavy-ness of this takoyaki balls


Kaisen takoyaki balls was launched 2 weeks before the end of June 2018, and they offered FREE add on octopus tentacles to your Kaisen takoyaki til end of June. Wow!! that was a very exciting promo. I hope they do it again.

Kaisen takoyaki is priced at PHP 75 for 4 pcs and for 1 box of 9 pcs the price is at PHP 150 only!!  
Its so affordable and the taste of their takoyaki balls is confirmed -- the best!!

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Takoyaki Sensei is always busy every day because they receive a lot of customers coming to dine in or buy their takoyaki balls for take out. They have 6 takoyaki balls pan and also one teppanyaki pan for their yakisobra and okonomiyaki.

People visit their store regularly because the food is affordable and eating takoyaki balls with premium ingredients is the one we are after. If you compare it with other takoyaki balls store, you get to notice the difference that the Takoyaki Sensei version really stand out.

You can compare the difference of takoyaki balls at some mainstream restaurant, and I cannot trade Takoyaki Sensei's version because their serving is big, price is affordable and the taste is good.


Trying the Kaisen takoyaki for the first time.
After I sent my order for a box of Kaisen Takoyaki, I watched the store staff cooked it infront of me.
From there, I saw the ingredients and they added a lot of meat in a one set of their takoyaki balls. 
I got excited to eat it already when I saw the food being cooked right before my eyes.


Me and the rest of the people waiting for our takoyaki are so excited to taste and eat. I brought my wife and son with me that day, because I've been introducing to them about the good taste of their takoyaki balls, and Im excited to hear my wife's review after eating it.


The Kaisen takoyaki balls are ready!!!!!!


I also want to try their version of okonomiyaki. I ordered one for take out and I want to taste a kind of okonomiyaki with yakisobra inside.

They also have the Takosen, a kind of takoyaki but a bigger version and its like a sandwich type. I haven't tried this but I will take a bite on my next visit.

Takoyaki Sensei's  Okonoiyaki is priced at PHP 100
and their Takosen is priced at PHP 45 for regular and PHP 70 for the special


Me and my family are excited to taste the famous takoyaki balls of Takoyaki Sensei.
ako naman --- excited to try the heavenly goodness of Kaisen takoyaki


Here's the Kaisen takoyaki balls.
Packed with lots of seafood meat and also topped with nori and tobiko and also lots of Japanese mayo

The size looks the same with their normal takoyaki balls, but the ingredients inside is the one so special


Sorry for the blurry photos --  but look at the big octopus tentacle inside the Kaisen takoyaki!!!
You can eat one Kaisen takoyaki balls right away, if ever you have some jaw or chewing power, its soft but the ingredients is so compact and chewy. The flavors of three seafood meat will play around your taste buds, there are times that you'll taste the crab stick, then the shrimp and then the octopus.

But the best part here is the seafood and the takoyaki after taste. You'll request for more and Its hard to say that their balls are so addicting.


I observed my son Ashton if he will love the Takoyaki balls specials and I heard him say "its delicious, dad!!!" and then my wife....finally shared her review ---  she said its good and she enjoys eating Takoyaki Sensei's version and far more good VERSUS the mainstream luxurious Japanese resto.

Ha!!! galeng!


I finally tried their Okonomiyaki version. I find it weird, but maybe because they have their own version, I expect the common okonomiyaki style, but their version is not the normal okonomiyaki.

The good part here is that --- it is pack with lots of yakisoba, meat and also the nearly cooked egg adds glorious kick of creaminess. Its not yet my fave okonomiyaki, but for the price  of PHP100 ---- wow! I'll dig this and instead I travel for 2hours to eat an okonomiyaki in another restaurant.

But over all --- me and my family enjoyed the take out of takoyaki and okonomiyaki from Takoyaki Sensei. And its now a buzz around the house, especially when we have visitors, they always say that "let's eat at Takoyaki Sensei"


Takoyaki Sensei made their own identity in takoyaki balls making, when you eat it, you won't say that the taste is the same like another restaurant or store. The best thing that they do is that they spoil every customer with lots of ingredients and that makes a real good value for our money. You pay small, but you get the product so big!!!!

Thanks so much for reading my post today!

Do you want to taste their famous takoyaki balls?
if yes, then go to their branch outside SM City Bacoor, just near the McDo ice cream stand and near the street food center of Bacoor.

Check out also their Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/Takoyaki-Sensei-Sm-Bacoor-MainBranch-146791512661953/

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